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bCast Suite OTO: All bCast Suite OTO Links Here. There are 5 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st bCast Suite OTO is Bundle, the 2nd is Unlimited, the 3rd OTO is Business, the 4th OTO is Whitelabel, the 5th is Podreel.

bCast Suite OTO

All Five bCast Suite OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:

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OTO 1 – Bundle:

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OTO 2 – Unlimited:

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OTO 3 – Business:

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OTO 4 – Whitelabel:

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OTO 5 – Podreel:

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Front End Review

What is bCast Suite?

bCast Suite Is World’s First Platform To Create, Curate & Promote Podcasts For Newbies & Business Owners!


CREATE CONTENT for your Podcast in 107 languages using just a keyword or a URL of ANY Video or a Page
UPLOAD & HOST your Podcast on a done-for-you beautifully designed and SEO optimised podcast website.
GENERATE buyers leads, sales and profits with built-in marketing & syndication
100% Beginner Friendly, ZERO Speaking or Content Creation skills required!
AUTO VOICE-OVER your content into Podcasts using advanced A.I. powered Text-to-Speech app
UPLOAD & SHARE your podcast on 20 platforms including Apple, Google, Spotify…in just 1-Click
PUBLISH TO YOUTUBE: Automatically post your podcast onto your YouTube Playlist
COMMERCIAL LICENSE: Profit by starting your own Audio & Podcast Marketing Business

Easy Steps:

Step 1: Curate & Create Content Using bContent
Step 2: Record Or Use AI-Created Audio Using bVoice
Step 3: Publish & Promote Your New Podcast Using bCast

Detailed Features:

Distribute Your Podcast Instantly: bCast Suite helps you distribute your podcast to all the places where your audience is looking for you… Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Castbox, Podbean and many more…

Publish To YouTube For FREE Traffic: When you create a podcast… you want to maximise its exposure. And bCast Suite helps you do just that. With our Publish to YouTube feature, you combine your audio with your podcast image into a video and post this onto a YouTube Playlist of your choice… from right inside your dashboard in just a click.

Audio Inserts For Bringing Listeners Into Your Funnel: With Audio Inserts, it becomes incredibly simple to bring you listeners into your marketing funnel. Simply create a piece of high value content (could be a remote event, eBook, webinar or video case study) that you know will add value to the lives of your listeners… record a 20 second monologue explaining why your listeners need this. And then insert it into every episode in your backlog in a few seconds and a couple of clicks with Audio Inserts.

Convert Listeners Into Leads: Simply read out an offer that your listeners have to opt in to receive, such as a video case study, eBook or webinar and then ask listeners to send a blank email to your Auto Optin Email address. Our research shows that using a bCast email address increases the conversion rate from listener to lead by 25%! You can even create an email address on your own domain, and then forward all emails from that domain to your bCast Suite Auto Optin email address.

Feed Leads Directly Into Your Autoresponder: bCast Suite allows you to automatically feed the leads generated by Auto Optin into your preferred autoresponder. Monetize these leads by sending them emails to buy your products, services or even affiliate offers you might be promoting… and make BIG fat commissions. bCast Suite supports all major autoresponders

1-Click Transcription: Audio content is notoriously hard to index. In human terms, this means, it isn’t easy to find what you’re looking for. Google has nailed indexing written content, but not audio yet. Until that happens… we need to translate your audio content into written content. With bCast Suite you can do this with the click of a button. You upload an episode, click that button and in just seconds bCast Suite will share a full transcription of the episode. Simply add this to your show notes, which will then update on your bCast Suite podcast website for Google to find.

Done-for-You Stunning Podcast Website: bCast Suite automatically generates a beautifully designed, SEO optimised, fully-customisable podcast website. It will link back to your domain (a “do follow” link!).. …will list each episode …and will link out to the big directories so people can easily subscribe. You can even take it off our domain and onto a new domain such as: “YourAwesomePodcast.com”, or a sub-domain of your current site: “podcast.YourAawesomeBusiness.com”. . All you need to do is click one button within your bCast dashboard.

Enable Guest Notification To Get EXTRA Leads: Each guest you bring onto your show has a number of people that will listen to anything they appear in. These people could very well become loyal subscribers to your show, and ultimately even customers of your business. All you need to do… is get your guests to share the episode with these people. With bCast Suite you can simply add the name and email address of your guest into the episode screen and then as soon as your episode goes live… …bCast Suite will send them an email with auto-generated share links for all major social platforms. Your guest simply has to open the email, click one of the links and then publish the social post… and you get more subscribers. It really is that simple

Run Private Podcasts: Do you run a membership site, internal podcast or just want to curate who has access to your audio content? Awesome, bCast Suite is ready for you… You can restrict access to your podcast RSS feed with a global private feed or by inviting individual subscribers by email address only.

Effortlessly Convert Listeners Into Leads: Convert the people that download, listen and subscribe to your show, into leads and turn your podcast into an automatic, 24/7 lead generation machine.

Monetize Your Podcast: Add and remove pre-roll and post-roll segments to and from your podcast episodes… to advertise your products & services or for a sponsor and get paid. Or create a subscription-based podcast right in bCast Suite!

Go Viral: Send your guests email notifications with social share links embedded.

Earn Affiliate Commissions: Start generating an ROI as soon as your podcast goes live by integrating your affiliate link into the bCast player and website.

Free Traffic From Google: Transcribe your episodes inside bCast to make your podcast more accessible to search engines, speed-readers, and the hearing impaired. Insert this transcription in YouTube Video & as a blog on your website to rank higher.

Lightning-fast Podcast Hosting: Your listeners want your episode the minute it’s available. We’ve partnered with the fastest CDNs around, combined with our own infrastructure, to deliver your content fast.

Accurate Download Status & Analytics: We’re marketers like you, so we know how important accurate, real-time download stats and analytics are. Our stats engage and analytics reporting is the very core of the product, making sure every unique download is tracked and counted accuretly


Create Engaging Content Without Writing A Single Word (using bContent)
Generate Audio With Text-To-Speech Convertor (using bVoice)
Publish & Monetize Your Podcast (using bCast)
Distribute Your Podcast To 20 Platforms With Just A Click
Build Your List, Monetize With Ads & Sponsorships, Drive Traffic With Built-In Marketing & More!
Best Of All – No Special Skills Or Experience Needed
And A Lot More…
Find The PERFECT Content To Create Your Podcast In Seconds With The Built-in Content Creator – bContent…WITHOUT Writing A Single Word Yourself
Flexible Search: Search and create content in 107 languages. Find YouTube videos using Keywords, Video URLs, Playlist URLs or Channel URLs.
Deep Search Filters: Sort search results by relevance, recency or views and find videos with creative commons license.
Quick Convert: In just one click, bContent converts any video of your choice into a fully formatted piece of content.
Correct Grammar Mistakes: A very crucial feature that allows you to 1-click correct any grammatical errors in your content using our built-in grammar correction tool.
Content Spinner: Built-in content spinner creates unique, readable variation of content every time. This has been built SPECIFICALLY for bContent users with closed captions in mind.
Simply Copy – Paste The Text (content you just generated using bContent) Into bVoice → Click 2 Buttons & Generate Human-Like Audio Using A.I. In Minutes Or Record It In Your OWN Voice
Select your language & voice from the built-in 461 Voice-Overs & 107 Languages
Paste your text into bVoice
Generate your audio
You get 100% control over how your podcast sounds. Using our A.I. (which sounds totally human) or using your own recorded voice.

Frequently Asked Questions – bCast Suite OTO:

Does bCast Suite Work on Windows & Mac?
Yes, it’s 100% cloud-based and works on any operating platform, on any internet-connected device. We designed bCast Suite to be 100% newbie-friendly. You require no technical skills or prior experience to make massive profits with bCast Suite.

Do I Need Experience or Tech Skills?
We designed bCast Suite to be 100% newbie-friendly. You require no technical skills or prior experience to make massive profits with bCast Suite.

Support & Software Updates?
FREE & automated. Get with Support in just 1-Click if you need anything. Ongoing updates are automatically pushed to the software so you’ll always have the most updated version.

Is Training Included?
Yes, full training is included to help you get started and make insane profits with bCast Suite.

Okay. I am in. Let’s do this!
Awesome. Get started instantly.