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JetWebinar Bundle Deal Review – Get Access To An Evergreen Webinar Solution That Lets You Run Live & Recorded Webinars In Under 60 Seconds – Save Hundreds In Yearly Expenses On Webinar Platforms! Perfect for Selling High-Ticket Offers, Bundle Deals, Paid Access to Premium Content, and so much more – for a low One-Time fee! Unlock JetWebinar and all of the upgrades to JetWebinar everyone else will buy separately for a one-time price. That includes all the special bonuses offered in each upgrade.

Jet Webinar Bundle Deal Review

JetWebinar Bundle Deal Review – With the Exclusive BUNDLE Deal, You’re Getting:

JetWebinar Commercial:

5 DFY Webinars
Live Webinars
Automated (Pre-Recorded) Webinars
Hybrid Webinars
Single Presente
Run Up To 30 Webinars/Automated Webinars A Month
Attendee Analytics
Detailed Engagement Metrics
Email Automation
Recordings (1 GB)
Free + Paid Entry Webinars
100 Attendees
Screen Sharing
Video Sharing
Chat Functionality
Real-Time Collaboration
Event Templates Included
Autoresponder Support
Zapier Integration
Calendar Integration
Ultra-Low Latency
Multi-Start Times
Start Now Option
Time Zone Detection
Time Zone Detection

Upgrade 01 – JetWebinar PRO:

Run Unlimited Webinars: Run unlimited automated or live webinars and meetings every month.
Live Webinar Polls: Create engaging polls during the webinar to gain attendees’ attention and interest.
Upto 5 Presenters: Invite your friends or industry experts to talk on your webinar.
Audience Behaviour Insights: Get real-time insights into your audience to fine-tune your live webinar pitch.
8x Recording Storage: Unlock 8GB storage to store more webinar recordings hassle-free.
Conversion Tracking: Easily track conversions on each webinar to get insights into your offers and deals.
Plus, unlock exclusive bonuses!

Upgrade 02 – DFY JetWebinars:

Earn Recurring Commissions: Earn recurring affiliate commissions selling our proven products responsible for generating 6-figure revenue on live webinars!
DFY Slides (PowerPoint): Get completely DFY PowerPoint slides if you want to record the webinars yourself.
Instant Affiliate Approval: Get instant affiliate approval to promote our top products without waiting a minute.
DFY Recordings: You’ll get 24 DFY webinar recordings ready to be loaded into JetWebinar.
Proven Products: All these products are responsible for generating 5 and 6 figures on live webinars.
No Products Needed: No need to write or design a webinar. Make instant money with these pre-designed webinars proven to generate sales.
Plus, unlock exclusive bonuses!

Upgrade 03 – WebinarAI Unlimited:

DFY AI Prompts: Use these AI prompts to ask questions to understand your offer and audience on a deeper level to get more sales.
Webinar Titles & Descriptions: Write webinar titles and descriptions using our $10M webinar expertise.
Webinar Invite & Replay Emails: AI crafts webinar invitation and replay emails for all your webinars using our $10M method.
7-Figure Webinar Scripts & Outline: Let our AI create 7-figure webinar scripts and outlines for your webinars.
Pay Once, Use Forever: Just a one-time payment to unlock unlimited access to this AI upgrade of JetWebinar.
Plus, unlock exclusive bonuses!

Upgrade 04 – JetWebinar Smart Academy:

Webinars to Workshops in Minutes: Stop managing scattered resources! Smart Academy lets you easily transform past webinars into a premium workshop.
Sell Expertise, Earn Recurring Income: Turn your knowledge into profit! Sell your workshops and generate recurring income – all from one platform.
Simplify Course Delivery: Smart Academy empowers you to easily share your knowledge and streamline course delivery.
Reach a Wider Audience: Expand your reach! Share your expertise with a wider audience who’s hungry to learn.
Stop Wasting Value: Don’t let your valuable webinars sit unused. Turn them into profit centers with Smart Academy!

Upgrade 05 – JetWebinar Video Hosting:

Brand Your Videos: Showcase your colors, logo, and more for a cohesive brand experience.
Engage Your Audience: Add CTAs, quizzes, payment options, and more to keep viewers hooked.
Seamless Video Hosting: Upload, edit, and host unlimited videos with 300GB storage.
All-in-One Marketing Tool: Replace multiple software with editing, hosting, publishing, and streaming features.
Import Videos with Ease: Instantly import videos from YouTube/Vimeo without needing APIs or extensions.
Publish Anywhere: Share your videos on any website or social media platform with just a few clicks.
Free Video Hosting: Host your videos for free with no recurring or monthly fees!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is JetWebinar?
JetWebinar is a powerful webinar hosting platform that enables you to host live, automated, and hybrid webinars with ease. It offers a range of features such as low-latency video and audio streaming, interactive session hosting, attendee analytics, and more.

How does JetWebinar differ from other webinar platforms?
JetWebinar stands out for its ultra-low latency streaming, allowing for real-time interaction between hosts and attendees. Unlike other platforms, JetWebinar is available (only today) for a low one-time price.

Can I host both live and automated webinars with JetWebinar?
Yes, JetWebinar supports both live and automated webinars. You can host live webinars to engage with your audience in real-time or set up automated webinars to run pre-recorded sessions on autopilot.

What is the attendee limit for JetWebinar webinars?
JetWebinar allows you to host webinars with up to 100 simultaneous participants, with the option to have unlimited attendees for select plans.

Does JetWebinar offer recording capabilities?
Yes, every live webinar hosted on JetWebinar is automatically recorded in the cloud, allowing you to share recordings with attendees and repurpose them as evergreen or automated webinars.

Can I integrate JetWebinar with other tools and platforms?
Yes, JetWebinar offers seamless integrations with a wide range of third-party tools and platforms, including email marketing software, CRM systems, payment gateways, and more, to streamline your webinar workflow.

Does JetWebinar offer customer support?
Yes, JetWebinar provides dedicated customer support to assist you with any queries or technical issues you may encounter. Our support team is available via email, live chat, and phone to ensure a smooth webinar hosting experience for you and your attendees.

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