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Marshal OTO: All Marshal OTO Links Here. There are 7 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st Marshal OTO is Bundle Deal, the 2nd is Unlimited, the 3rd OTO is Pro, the 4th OTO is Enterprise, the 5th OTO is SocialAgency360, the 6th OTO is ContentBurger, the 7th is KoinCart.

Marshal OTO

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Front End:

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OTO 1 – Bundle Deal:

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OTO 2 – Unlimited:

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OTO 3 – Pro:

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OTO 4 – Enterprise:

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OTO 5 – SocialAgency360:

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OTO 6 – ContentBurger:

=>> Marshal OTO 6

OTO 7 – KoinCart:

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Front End Review

Marshal OTO – What is Marshal?

6-in-1 Web Security & Compliance Suite Stops Hackers, Scammers, & Greedy Lawyers Dead In Their Tracks And Gives You A True Six or Even Seven Figure Service To Offer Local Businesses ASAP! Guard Your Income & Future TODAY With This Powerful Set of Tools That Secures & Makes Your Business Compliant In Just Minutes!

Marshal OTO – Features:

Perfect for Digital Marketing Agencies, Online and Offline Businesses, eCommerce Stores, Affiliates, Bloggers, and More.
Boost Your Revenue by Offering Comprehensive Security and Compliance Services to Clients.
Expand Your Business Opportunities by Offering Website Security, SEO, and Compliance as a Service.
Secure Multiple Websites with a Single App, Protecting Them Against Hackers, Bots, and Malicious Activities.
Advanced Protection Features, Including SQLI Protection, Spam Protection, and Intelligent Pattern Recognition.
Free Commercial License – Sell Your Security and Compliance Services for Profit.
Effortless Lead Generation – Discover High-Quality, Pre-Qualified Leads Eager to Invest in Digital Marketing Services for Their Online Presence.
User-Friendly Dashboard with Detailed Logs, Live Traffic Analytics, and System Information.
Easy to Use and Beginner-Friendly – No Complicated Software or Technical Skills Required.

Here’s How Marshal Works In 3 Simple Steps:

Step 01: Simply add your business to the Marshal platform (this takes less than 2 minutes)
Step 02: Let Marshal walk you through the compliance apps using its built-in wizard that shows you what needs to be fixed.
Step 03: Follow the instructions and be assured your business is secure, accessible, & compliant in only minutes!

Marshal OTO – Here’s A Look Inside All The Tools Included In The Marshal Web Security & Compliance Suite:

User-Friendly Intuitive Wizard & Dashboard:
Once you log into Marshal, you’ll be greeted by our dynamic beginner-friendly dashboard. Everything you need to start working on your compliance and security will be at your fingertips. Plus, the dashboard shows you how far you’ve progressed in setting up your compliance with full details of how to get all the way up to 100%.

Local Business Compliance Tool (THIS IS HUGE!):
This is the first-to-market tool of its kind that gives you a list of niches you can tap into and generate full compliance checklists for that SPECIFIC niche or industry. By selecting from either the EU or U.S., our system will display a list of compliance checklists for businesses in those regions. Plus, each checklist will tell you exactly how to resolve each issue in detail. No guesswork involved. And we’ll be adding even more niches as time goes on!

Here’s everything included with this tool:

First To Market Offline Compliance System
Includes All The Most Popular Profitable Niches
First Local Business Compliance Tool That Shows Offline Compliance Including Complete Legislation For Different Industries
100% Compliance Ready For EU & US
Searchable Checklists
DFY Built In Compliance Fix Guides
Regular Compliance Update
DFY Built-In Checklist Fixes
Local Compliance Fix Progress Bar For Tracking

Advanced Web Security & Hacker Protection:
Your site might look secure, but is it really? That’s why we’ve designed this tool. You only need to enter your URL (or any URL) and you’ll get a complete web security scan in just minutes. You’ll know EXACTLY where the holes are and how to fix them. The tool will go deep to help you prevent hackers and scammers from stealing your business and money..

Here’s what’s all included in this tool’s features:

1-Click Detect, Manage, & Report Vulnerabilities
Scan For Local/Remote File Inclusion
Run Comprehensive Website Security Scans In Minutes
Scan For Remote Command Execution
Continuous Security Monitoring
Scan & Discover Of Sensitive Files
Scan For Common Configuration Issues
Scan For Website SSL Report
Scan For SQL Injection: Detects SQL & SQLI Injections On Your Websites
Scan For Version-Based Vulnerability Detection
Scan For Cross-Site Scripting
Visualize Your Scan Results In The Dashboard

SEO Compliance Tool:
Get a full audit and compliance scan of any website you own with this tool. Instantly know where your site is failing and how to fix it so you can be optimized in the search engines to receive huge amounts of organic traffic, leads, and sales

Here’s a full list of features that this tool provides:

Full Site Audits
SEO Score
On Page SEO Checker
Full Image Audits
Off-page Backlink Analysis
Detailed Reporting
Backlink Audit Report
DFY Automated SEO Fix Checklist & Guidelines
Content Audit Tools

Web Accessibility (ADA) Compliance Tool:
Every tool and feature you need to stay compliant is included in this complete web accessibility suite. We took the best of everything and combined it into one easy to use setup that gives you total flexibility with your website. Select from any option you want and use the robust widget included displaying accessibility to any person with disabilities. Best of all you can install all of it with just a few clicks.

Here’s all the features included:

ADA Compliance Tool:

Full Complete Web Accessibility Suite To Help You Stay Compliant
1-Click Accessibility Widget Installation
Easy Widget Customization (Match Style & Colors To Your Brand)
Create Custom Accessibility Setups For Your Sites
Multi-Language Support
Built-In Accessibility Profiles & Modes (6 Profiles & Modes)
Seizure/Epilepsy Safe Profile
Vision Impaired Profile
ADHD-Friendly Profile
Cognitive Disability Profile
Keyboard Navigation Profile (Motor)
Blind Users Profile (Screen-Readers)
Fully Secured
Fully GDPR And CCPA Complaint

ADA Widget Features:

Alt Tag Creation Using Image Recognition Technology
Alt Tag Creation Using Image Recognition Technology
Forms Accessibility, Including Label Matching & Error Handling
Full Adjustment To Keyboard Navigation
Advanced Keyboard Navigation Using Letter Shortcuts
Expression, Slang, & Phrases Built-In Dictionary
Built-In Accessibility Statement
Built-In Accessible User Guide
Font Sizes Adjustment & Content Scaling Capabilities
10+ Built-In Languages In The Interface
Dynamic Content Accessibility (Ajax, Angular, React, Vue…)
Built-In Feedback Form
Links & Clickable Element Accessibility
Font Replacement For More Readable Fonts
Virtual Keyboard For Motor Impairments
Text Spacing & Alignment Modification
Checkmark Accessibility Of Titles & Paragraphs
Quick Skip To The Main Content & Other Areas
Quick Navigation For Those With Motor Impairments & Blind Users
Emphasis Focuses On Keyboard Navigation Or Mouse Hovering
Icon & Buttons Accessibility
Align Content To The Left, Right, Center, Or Justified
Accessibility Of Page & Browser Titles
Complete Tables Accessibility
Keyboard Navigation, Including Drop-downs & Popups
Change Cursor To Big Black Or Big White
Control Of Interface Size & Position
Control Over Title, Text, & Background Colors
Contrast Alteration: Lighten, Darken, Inverse, Or Grayscale`
Display & Emphasize Image Descriptions
Hide Images & Background Images (Distracting Elements)
Animations Halt, Including GIFs, Videos, CSS, & More
Muted Mode (For People With Hearing Devices)
Accessible Printing Mode

GDPR & Cookie Consent Tool:
If you do any tracking, run ads, or just want to stay above board when it comes to compliance, then you’ll need this tool. With just a click of your mouse, you can create your GDPR notice for your site and also customize it with ease. Having this on the ready will help you avoid any fines or penalties so you can operate your business without any obstacles.

Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions Generator Tool:
No need to worry about what to say in any of your terms or conditions. Marshal has you covered 100%. It’s as simple as filling out a form, answering a few questions, and Marshal will generate your privacy policy, terms, & conditions in just 2 minutes. These are ironclad and will help ward off any potential issues that visitors could bring up for any product or service you offer.

Instant PDF Reports: Your Lead Magnet for Attracting High-Paying Clients!
Marshal App generates detailed PDF reports for every website it scans, highlighting critical issues and vulnerabilities without revealing the fixes. These reports serve as the perfect lead magnet to attract businesses and convert them into paying clients for your digital marketing services. Plus, with Marshal’s built-in email functionality, you can effortlessly send these insightful PDF reports directly to businesses, showcasing your expertise and winning their trust.

Protect & Fix Multiple Security Issues For ANY WordPress Site With Just ONE SINGLE CLICK of Your Mouse! (This Is A Game Changer!)
Our EXCLUSIVE Marshal Sentry plugin lets you take care of all your security issues in just minutes with only one click. That’s right. If you have a WordPress site, you only need to install the plugin once, click to run it, and let it make your site as secure as Ft. Knox. No need to outsource to specialists to fix your security or pay costly coders. There are tons of security features included with our exclusive plugin and you can have it up and running in just minutes.

Marshal OTO – Here’s everything Marshal Plugin does for you:

SQLI Protection:
Say goodbye to malicious SQL injections! Marshal’s SQLI Protection feature secures your website from unauthorized database access, keeping your sensitive data safe and sound.

Proxy Protection:
With Marshal’s Proxy Protection, you can block sneaky users hiding behind proxies, ensuring only legitimate visitors access your site. No more cloak-and-dagger business!

Spam Protection:
Marshal’s Spam Protection feature tackles pesky spam head-on, filtering out unwanted comments and messages. Enjoy a cleaner, more enjoyable online experience!

DNSBL Integration:
Leveraging DNSBL’s powerful blacklisting capabilities, Marshal keeps your website free from known malicious IPs and domains. Peace of mind, guaranteed!

Intelligent Pattern Recognition:
Marshal’s Intelligent Pattern Recognition identifies suspicious activity patterns, proactively detecting and stopping emerging threats before they cause damage.

Industrial-Strength Algorithms:
Powered y robust, cutting-edge algorithms, Marshal ensures your site’s security remains airtight and up-to-date. Protection you can trust!

Ban System:
Marshal’s Ban System lets you take control, enabling you to block and ban users engaging in harmful activities. Show them the door!

Bad Bots & Crawlers Protection:
Marshal shields your website from nasty bots and crawlers that can harm your SEO, drain resources, or scrape your content. Guard your site with confidence!

Fake Bots Protection:
Marshal’s Fake Bots Protection sniffs out and stops imitation bots in their tracks, ensuring only legitimate crawlers access your website. No more deception!

Headers Check:
Marshal’s Headers Check feature meticulously examines HTTP headers for any security loopholes or inconsistencies, making sure your site stays rock-solid.

Auto Ban:
Marshal’s Auto Ban automatically blacklists users engaging in harmful behavior, keeping your website safe and secure without manual intervention. Set it and forget it!

Threat Logs:
Stay in the know with Marshal’s detailed Threat Logs, providing invaluable insights into potential security risks and vulnerabilities. Knowledge is power!

Detailed Logs:
Marshal’s Detailed Logs give you a comprehensive view of your website’s security events, helping you stay informed and proactive.

E-mail Notifications:
Receive timely E-mail Notifications from Marshal whenever a security event occurs, keeping you alert and ready to act.

Dashboard With Stats:
Marshal’s user-friendly Dashboard With Stats offers an at-a-glance overview of your site’s security, making it easy to monitor and manage.

Errors Monitoring::
Marshal’s Errors Monitoring feature diligently tracks and reports errors, ensuring you’re always aware of any potential issues. Stay ahead of the game!

.htaccess Editor::
Edit your .htaccess file with ease using Marshal’s built-in .htaccess Editor, allowing for quick and convenient security adjustments.

LP & File Whitelist::
Marshal’s LP & File Whitelist lets you create custom rules, ensuring your essential pages and files remain accessible while your website stays secure.

Live Traffic Analytics::
Marshal’s Live Traffic Analytics feature gives you real-time insight into visitor activity, helping you spot any unusual behavior and protect your website.

Visit Analytics:
Marshal’s Visit Analytics provides valuable data on user activity, enabling you to make informed decisions about your website’s security and performance.

PHP Configuration Checker:
Marshal’s PHP Configuration Checker ensures your server’s PHP settings are optimized for maximum security, helping to prevent potential vulnerabilities.

System Information:
Stay informed about your server’s vital stats with Marshal’s System Information feature, enabling you to monitor and maintain peak performance and security.

Login History:
Keep track of all login attempts with Marshal’s Login History feature, allowing you to spot any suspicious activity and safeguard your website’s access points

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Marshal technical to use?
Not at all! You’ll find that it’s super intuitive and designed for even the most technologically challenged. If you’re a complete beginner, you could still benefit from Marshal as the platform does the heavy lifting.

Is There Training To Help Me Learn How To Use Marshal?
Yes. Our team of experts have designed a number of training materials complete with follow along videos to help you get off to a quick start immediately once you log in today.

What If I’m Not Satisfied With My Purchase?
We highly doubt that will be the case once you see how easy it is to use Marshal AND the results it can help you get. However, if you still have any concerns simply message the help desk and we’ll get you refunded if we can’t fix the issue.

I’m A Local Marketer/Local Agency, Can This Help Me?
Totally. You’ll love the fact that you can find and manage all of your leads in one place and automate most of follow up when it comes to prospecting.

Is There Anything For Me To Download?
No. Marshal works in the cloud so you will never have to download anything. This way it works on Windows, Mac, and even mobile. Just log in where you have internet access and you’re all set.

Is There A Monthly Fee For This?
No. Not at this time. During our special launch phase you can get all the power and benefits of Marshal for one low price. But that will most likely change in the future so it’s best to sign up now to get the lowest price today.

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