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Maxima OTO: All Maxima OTO Links Here. There are 4 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st Maxima OTO is Deluxe, the 2nd is DFY Agency Marketing Kits, the 3rd OTO is VIP Templates Club, the 4th OTO is Reseller.

Maxima OTO

All Four Maxima OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:

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OTO 1 – Deluxe:

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OTO 2 – DFY Agency Marketing Kits:

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OTO 3 – VIP Templates Club:

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OTO 4 – Reseller:

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Front End Review


Automatically Finds 1000s Of Targeted Leads Based Off Any Keyword Or Location
Uses The Done For You Email Swipes & Sales Scripts To Close Those Leads For You Without Any Effort
Creates Stunning Optimised Websites In Just 60 Seconds Flat
Leverage Smart A.I Ranking Algorithms To Boost Google Rankings… Pulling In Free Traffic & Sales
Commercial License Included (worth $497 Alone): Easily sell multiple web services to local businesses by leveraging the “done for you” tools and keep 100% of the profits.
Secure Your Family’s Future: Help businesses survive and thrive during this pandemic – all whilst sustaining yourself and your family.
Skyrocket Traffic, Leads & Sales: Ultimate all inclusive solution for getting a tsnami of quality leads, FREE traffic & sales… without worrying about extra costs or learning complicated training.
Done For You Solution: It finds pre-qualified leads, closes them for you, builds the stunning sites and boost Google rankings – you just sit back, relax and let it do it all for you.

Easy Steps:

Step #1: Discover – In 1-Click, Find Thousands Of Business Leads That Don’t Have A Website (Get Their Business Name, Location, Email, Phone Number & More).
Step #2: Close – Use Maxima’s Done For You, High Converting Email Swipes To Close The Sales For You Without Any Effort Or Cold Calling
Step #3: Create – Choose from 100+ Done For You Customisable Templates In The Most Hottest Niches. Easily Edit, Change and Drag-n-Drop Content To Your Client’s Needs Without Worrying About Any Code. 100% Newbie Friendly.
Step #4: Rank – Improve Search Engine Rankings by Using Maxima’s Smart AI Ranking Algorithms, Which Optimises Everything In The Right way.


100% Set & Forget: Maxima is cloud based, simply log in, select the leads to contact and let it do the rest for you.
Find 1000s Of Targeted Leads With 1 Click: Instantly finds tons of local businesses in any city or country, who are ready to pay you thousands to build them a stunning website.
No Monthly Hosting Fees: Maxima will host all your sites for you on dedicated servers, saving thousands of dollars in hosting fees.
Instant Done For You Reports: You can send these reports to businesses… which identifies what’s missing and what they need to improve on.
Builds Perfectly Optimised Sites In ANY Niche: Create fully fledged optimized sites that will make your clients drool.
Rake In Huge Paydays Without Much Effort: Help local businesses get an online presence and more customers, while raking in huge paydays at the same time.

Detailed Features:

Find 1000s of Targeted Leads In Any Niche With Just 1 Click: Your Virtual Client Getter WILL easily find you thousands of businesses in just seconds from ANY location or keyword. These leads are in dire need of an online presence. Manually this would take you weeks, however here it’s all laid out for you on a silver platter!

Close Dozens of Pre-Qualified Leads Without Any Effort: Your Virtual Sales Team WILL close all the clients for the right fee without you even having to try… with a whole set of done for you tools – Including proven to convert DFY email swipes, legal agreements, sales proposals and much more. No need to spend thousands on hiring someone to close sales – MAXIMA will do all the hard work for you!

Instant Done For You Reports That Makes You Look Like A Pro: Instantly download detailed reports on each business which identifies the EXACT issues they need to fix. When you send this to businesses, they will jump out of their seats and be willing to pay you thousands to help them out.

Create Stunning Websites With100+ Customisable Templates To Choose From: Use Maxima’s seamless page builder to create a slick professional website in ANY niche with just a few clicks – this will make your every client drool with excitement. With over 100+ all-done-for-you, ready-to-go templates – the possibilities and customisations are endless. You’ll ALWAYS have the perfect optimised site you need for every client. No tech or design skills necessary. ZERO coding, learning or outsourcing needed. 100% Newbie Friendly.

Skyrocket Rankings On Google Without Spending A Dime:
Utilize the powerful inbuilt SEO tools to analyze and identify crucial mistakes that are preventing the sites from ranking high in Google – which ensures perfect site optimization every time. You could easily charge thousands of dollars every month to clients for doing this. With the extra FREE traffic and customers your clients are going to get – they’re jaws are going to drop in excitement and they’ll turn into recurring profits for you. With over 50 integrated powerful SEO tools instantly included – you’ll be able to save time by automatically analyzing and optimizing every website for better rankings long term.

Discover – Targeted Lead Finding Technology: In 1-click, find tons of high ticket business leads who don’t have a website (or need improvements) and instantly get all the important details at your fingertips (business name, location, email, phone number, etc)

Close – All Done For You Closing Tools: To close every client with ease, you get proven to convert DFY email swipes, legal agreements, sales proposals and so much more. (Which all make you look like a total pro). All you need to do is copy-n-paste and you’ll have a flood of big ticket clients ready to pay you. Slick Agency Website Creator: Once you’ve easily closed your clients with all the DFY tools above, you can: Choose from 100+ Done For You Customizable Templates and Instantly create your own stunning agency site (No Coding or Technical Mumbo-Jumbo, No Learning Curve). Just drag-n-drop, 100% newbie friendly. Amazing Customizable Components, Layout, & Typography that gives your website the perfect feel to convert prospects into rapid buyers.

Contact – Email Technology Built In: Contact leads directly using our software & send unlimited emails with our custom done-for-you email templates which are designed to close clients for you.

Keep track – Lead Campaign Manager: Never lose track of your leads, keep them all organised and easily find the ones you want with a glance. With just a few clicks MAXIMA creates the kind of top quality websites that people crave. Easily pick from over 100+ customisable templates from the most lucrative niches that are proven to bank big. Easily edit, add your own text, videos, images and call-to-actions to your style. With built in drag-n-drop function, there’s no experience or tech skills needed.

Create – 100+ Stunning Templates: Create unlimited slick mobile responsive, seo optimized websites, agencies, landing pages, download pages and even report pages in any niche. Simply select a template, edit & publish for yourself or for a local business, then see the traffic & profits skyrocket like never before. User Friendly Interface With Drag and Drop Function… Plus A Real-Time Live Page Editor. Choose From Dozens of Stunning & Eye Catching Themes That Grab Attention. Build Whatever Kind Of Site/Pages You Can Imagine. Plus: Everything you create will be 100% Mobile Responsive On All Devices… Accessible From Anywhere

Export – Export Unlimited Sites: or publish straight to your server or client’s server.

Host – No Hosting or Domain Required (Save thousands in annual fees): Host unlimited web agency sites on our server without paying extra in the usual recurring fees.SSL Encryption Included to ensure your site is verified and safe. Unlimited Bandwidth – there’s no need to worry about page load speed.

Full Training – Complete Step By Step Tutorial: On how to effortlessly land BIG ticket clients and close deals without spending a dime on paid ads.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Maxima?
Maxima Is The Ultimate All-In-One Marketing Solution Which Finds 1000s of Targeted Leads For You (These Are Businesses In Dire Need), It Then Creates The Perfect Site In Any Niche & Improves Search Engine Rankings Without Much Time Or Effort. You could charge $300 to $500 per site creation… plus a monthly recurring fee to clients for website maintenance. The best part about this all is that it took you just a few minutes worth of work using Maxima.

Are there training videos included?
Yes there is an overview video plus step by step training videos provided on how to use the software. Plus, our dedicated customer support team is on standby 24/7 if you’ve got any questions or need any help.

Can I use the app on any device?
It doesn’t matter whether you use a PC, mac, smartphone or any device, Maxima is accessible to all devices as it’s based on the cloud. You just login and you can start using it right away.

What Makes Maxima Different To Other Similar Tools?
Before creating Maxima, we noticed that no software has ever provided “a complete agency solution” for users to build their own profitable agency business from 1 dashboard. Most softwares we have in the market are standalone, like they only give one part, and you have to struggle with the remaining “missing parts”, like finding the leads, closing them, and trying to rank them in google. But Maxima is different and more versatile. It provides a complete solution to finding highly targeted leads globally based on multiple filters, closing them with the DFY email swipes, building the websites the correct way and improving Google Rankings, all within 1 central dashboard. Plus there’s no monthly fees, you can get in for just a small one time payment.

Is This Newbie Friendly?
Yes 100%, Maxima was designed to be super simple to use, even if you have no tech skills or experience. It just takes a few simple steps and you’re done.