Pixal 2.022 OTO

Pixal 2.022 OTO: All Pixal 2.022 OTO Links Here. There are 3 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st Pixal 2.022 OTO is Pro Unlimited, the 2nd is Template Version, the 3rd OTO is Agency.

Pixal 2.022 OTO

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Front End:

=>> Pixal 2.022

OTO 1 – Pro Unlimited:

=>> Pixal OTO 1

OTO 2 – Template Version:

=>> Pixal OTO 2

OTO 3 – Agency:

=>> Pixal OTO 3

Front End Review & Demo

Pixal 2.022 OTO – What is Pixal 2.022?

Pixal is our supercharged graphics app that will change the way your customers build & distribute graphics, ads, banners, overlays, pop ups and call to actions forever. Before you think “oh no, not another graphics app” read on.

Pixal 2.022 OTO – Features:

Increased Clicks: Pixal 2.022 just doubled our clicks against normal ads & banners – we have seen a 145% increase in our clicks.
Increased Engagement: Stop your visitors dead in their tracks and make them engage with you online like never before.
Increased Sales: More clicks and more engagement instantly means more sales for your products and offers.

Pixal 2.022 OTO – What Can You Expect To Be Included With This Version:

TEMPLATES: We have included 1,000’s of templates with no upgrade purchase needed, they are right here and ready to go. Tons of different niches and designs are also included.
GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Drag and drop editor that helps you to design stunning HTML interactive graphics you have not seen anything like this.
ANIMATOR: Animate your HTML5 graphics. Make them jump out of the page at your visitors. Stop using boring static graphics, now is the time to really wow your visitors.
STOCK MEDIA: We have overloaded the stock media section for you, it includes images, vectors, shapes, icons and much more – all 100% royalty free.
EMBED APP: With our embed app you can add whatever you want into your graphics or videos. If it can be embedded then it can be added to a banner ad, graphic or video.
GIF CREATOR: Make your HTML5 graphics into Gif’s that can be shared with anyone. Creating a gif is quick and easy.
MAGICAL RESIZE: Create one graphic then duplicate those graphics in 25 different social media sizes all ready to be edited and added to your social media account. Huge time saver.
MENU CREATOR: Add an interactive menu directly to your graphics. Multiple outgoing links and different call-to actions.
POPUP CREATOR: This is unique to Pixal 2.022. You can now add a pop up button to your graphics or videos. Yes that’s correct add multiple popups into one graphic or video.
MP4 CREATOR: Turn any HTML5 graphic you create into a MP4, then download the MP4 and use it in your marketing or business needs. This helps you create videos quickly and easily.
VIDEO UPLOADER: Pixel now lets you upload a mp4 directly into the system. Which you can then turn into an embeddable HTML5 graphic. This means you can make the video interactive.

Pixal 2.022 OTO – Our Newly Updated:

Swiper Banner: This can be rotated, and you can add interactive elements to each side of the cube. Imagine you wanted to showcase multiple products on one creation, well you can add a different one to each side and link directly to that product from each different side.
Billboard Banner: Here you can assign different assets and elements to each side of the leaderboard and in turn Giving you much more advertising space than ever before and helping your users interact easier than ever before.
Foldable Banner: With video embed you can navigate through multiple panels and expand and close the banner direct from the screen. Using this type of creative instantly gets your visitors attention
Carousel Banner: Using this lets you rotate through multiple images and elements to showcase multiple products on one banner. You can also add video direct to this carousel banner
Filmstrip Banner: This is a drop down banner that lets you join multiple panels together to showcase multiple elements and clicks. You can also add video into this creative
Rollover Banner: Use this as a complete page peel and reveal banner. Add multiple images to the banner and it will create an interactive page peel. Increases click thru rates as visitors interact with the banner.
Scratch Banner: Perfect for getting users to interact with your offers, you can hide the free gift and call to action behind a scratch card that doubles as a banner. This makes more users take notice and interact with your offer.
Expandable Banner: This banner gets amazing plays and clicks of any videos that you want to showcase without taking much real estate space up on your site. Make it as small as you wish, and the banner will expand on rollover or click and play the video.

Pixal 2.022 OTO – Detailed Features:

Interactive Builder:
You can build graphics and videos that are fully interactive due to our HTML5 technology. Our builder has been brought up to date for 2022 and is better than ever.
Stock Media Library:
Inside Pixal 2.022 you will find a huge stock library. These are not api connections but a full library of assets that are at your disposal to use in your designs.
Magic Cloner:
Our magic cloner allows you to create one graphic then instantly clone that graphic into multiple size for different social media platforms 22 in total.
MP4 Downloads:
You can also download your HTML5 creations as MP4’s there is nothing else to do just create then download and you have your video creation.
GIF Downloads:
Want to make stunning gifs then that is easy using Pixal 2.022. Create the graphic using the HTML5 editor then click download as gif to have a gif instantly created.
Image Editor:
Upload your images into Pixal 2.022 and you can use our image editor to make them perfect before adding to your HTML5 designs.
Image Filters:
When you have uploaded your images you can use any of our image editors to make the image look stunning before adding to your HTML5 design.
Text Effect Library:
Make any graphic, banner, image or video amazing with our text effect library with 100’s of different combinations to use.
Upload Videos:
Upload your own videos into Pixal 2.022 and create embeddable videos that are totally interactive. Think multiple calls to actions direct from the video.
Embed Anything:
Our embed tool allows you to add anything you want directly inside the graphic or video. Anything from Shopify buttons to Jvzoo buttons. Anything is possible.
Split Tester:
Our split testing tool allows you to split test multiple graphics, banners and videos. You can add as many as you wish and see which performs best.
Conversion Tracking:
Our conversion tracking tool will show you exactly which banner, graphic or video is getting the most clicks. We have a full tracking pixel built in.
CDN System:
Our system lets you use our built in content delivery network on our super fast servers to server all your graphics from. State of the art hosting.
Instant Edits:
Through our CDN network you can instantly edit any of your graphics, videos or images with out reading them just edit the graphic in Pixal and the edit will instantly show online.
Live Social Media:
You can add your live social media buttons direct to your graphics and videos. Think of this you could drive likes to your Facebook page from your banner!
Clone Technology:
Anything you create can instantly be cloned with our new technology. It doesn’t matter how complex the HTML5 creation is just one click and it’s cloned.
Menu Creator:
Add a menu direct to your banner, graphics or videos with multiple calls to actions. Our menu lets you send visitors wherever you wish not just one link!
GEO Targeter:
Show messages and links to different countries and places. Our GEO targeter allows you to show the right message to the right person.
Youtube Embeder:
Embed Youtube videos directly inside your graphic or banner. Let the Youtube video play directly from inside the banner with animation.
Pixel Training:
Pixal 2.022 has a full training and tutorial library that will guide you through everything you need to do with Pixal 2.022 and is constantly being updated with new tutorials
Cloud Based:
Everything is built in the cloud on our super fast server with a fully built in content delivery network. 1000’s of users have been using this since 2016.
Video Backgrounds:
Pixal 2.022 has the ability to add videos as backgrounds. Image how much better your banners will be with video backgrounds added. These are very easy to add just upload and click.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will It Work On My Computer?
Yes Pixal 2.022 is cloud based and will work on both a mac and a pc. You can access the system from any device that you wish.
Do I Own The Designs?
Yes everything you create inside Pixal 2.022 is owned outright by you and we have no claim at all on any designs.
What About Refunds?
We are sure that when you get inside Pixal 2.022 you will love the system as much as our other 1000’s of users. But if you are unhappy in the first 30 days justs end us a support request and we will happily refund you.
Will I Still Need A Designer?
No Pixal 2.022 has everything you need to get started right away and is very newbie friendly so getting started is very easy.
Do You Provide Training?
Yes we have lots of tutorials inside the system and we will also be holding live training sessions so that you can get the most out of Pixal 2.022
What About Support?
We have a support desk that will answer any of your queries and we have had the same support desk for over 12 years and have answered 1000’s of support queries satisfactorily.