Socifeed OTO

Socifeed OTO

Socifeed OTO: All Socifeed OTO Links Here. There are 5 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st Socifeed OTO is Diamond, the 2nd is Titanium, the 3rd OTO is Platinum, the 4th OTO is Agency, the 5th is Reseller.


All Five Socifeed OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:

⇨ Socifeed


⇨ Socifeed Bundle

OTO 1 – Diamond:

⇨ Socifeed OTO 1

OTO 2 – Titanium:

⇨ Socifeed OTO 2

OTO 3 – Platinum:

⇨ Socifeed OTO 3

OTO 4 – Agency:

⇨ Socifeed OTO 4

OTO 5 – Reseller:

⇨ Socifeed OTO 5

Front End Review

Socifeed OTO – Features:

100% FULLY Automated Video Creator
1-Click Automated Video Broadcasting & Distribution System For Traffic
Built-In Commercial-Use Videos at ZERO Costs
Videos That Emotionally Attract & Engage Visitors
Videos That Convert Visitors Into Buyers
Get FREE Organic SEO & Viral Traffic On Autopilot
Customer-Getting “Newbie- Friendly” Sales System

Easy Steps:

Step 1: Start A Campaign – 1 Click Video Quote Creator – The built-in database pulls thousands of powerful and compelling quotes and combines them with amazingly effective, attention-grabbing videos for exceptional engagement. ZERO design or technical skills required.
Step 2: Set Automation – 1 Click Messenger to Social Media – Set automated scheduling and frequency posting of your viral, visually compelling motion videos with quotes, so your visitors are consistently reminded of you, click and engage with your posts and in result buy from you.
Step 3: Activate For Profits – Activate Your Customer-Getting System – SociFeed gets to work in the background, attracting visitors, engaging them so you make sales with ease, leveraging millions of highly targeted users with your viral videos that spread like wildfire, hands-free.

Socifeed OTO – Detailed Features:

Ready-To-Get You Buyers With Done For You Content: You need to be constantly publishing online. Period. And by being consistent, customers thrive on your positive posts as you constantly connect above and beyond your competitors and in more meaningful ways. It’s NOT a one-time “thing” anymore and with 5 million BRAND NEW and UNIQUE videos with quotes at your disposal, you will keep pulling them towards you with products and services they want to buy.

Auto-Create Stunning Videos With Quotes 1000x Faster for Unlimited Traffic and Sales – Boosting Profits Fast: You can attract REAL people to your business with POWERFUL videos with quotes that inspire and emotionally engage on a human-level. It builds trust with your visitors with credible content associated with your brand, making it a no-brainer to take the action you want – day after day, without spending a dime on advertising. Plus, by using video – the mammoth revolution that’s SWEEPING THE INTERNET – you get optimized content for maximum results. The intersection of these THREE facts of life is where the secret to getting customers and boosting profits is. Take the shortcut and get there with Socifeed.

Automated Video Maker: SUPER FAST software creates beautiful, attention-grabbing emotionally charged videos in 1 click. 100% newbie-friendly, point-n-click technology makes it easy to create, manage and preview before publishing. You can select quotes by category or tags. Add your brand or logo and even pre-determine where your words appear at the top, middle or bottom on autopilot. With built-in artificial intelligence, it can also auto randomize quotes, layouts, colors and fonts to generate professional-level videos with quotes for you in a flash like a PRO.

Mass Production And Distribution: Socifeed gives you the ability to add website links and call to actions so you can send visitors to different websites of your choice. With 1 click, super-charge your results by mass-broadcasting for explosive exposure to up to 3.8 billion users worldwide – at the click of a button to WIN visitors so they buy with confidence. You can also download the videos with quotes and use them on your blog or website without resorting to 3rd party tools making it brain-dead simple and easy to do.

Internet Ready For 100% Profits: Your profit-pulling, attention-grabbing videos are internet-ready with your call to action and branding, making each video 100% unique. That’s how you attract your visitors QUICKLY and CERTAINLY to what you have to offer. Your customer-getting videos get to work hands-free, showing your visitors exactly what will get their attention so you start generating clicks, high quality leads and sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This opens the flood gates to FREE organic and viral traffic, working for you on complete autopilot.

Proven Customer-getting System For More Income: Consistent interaction is the KEY making Socifeed a necessary tool so your audience keeps seeing your fresh content. In 1 click, schedule more so they see more of you. And the more they see, the more they will click and the more you get paid. You finally bridge the gap to deliver consistently, build strong relationships for easy profits. Create as many automated campaigns that deliver captivating video messages to delight your audience and reinforce the emotional connection. This is a formulated, customer-getting to profit-generating system that gives you your time back.

Engaging Visitors To BUY With Ease – 5 MILLION Unique Videos With Quotes: Socifeed KILLS fatigue with FRESH appealing videos and messages frequently, making them 100% unique to get the sale that much easier. Your first viral video can be ready in seconds and start working for you on autopilot, getting you new leads and sales in your market. Professional videos of authority and credibility for the highest engagement so you can easily PROFIT from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn! NOTE: You can download your stunning videos and use them anywhere on the web.

SELL Your Products & Services: It doesn’t matter what market you’re in, online or offline. It doesn’t matter if you have more than one business, product or service. Even if you’re an affiliate selling other people’s products. Socifeed does the tedious work you hate and gets your message in front of your audience on complete autopilot so you can sell services, digital and physical products too.

Get MORE Clicks, Leads & Sales: Set your account to auto-post or run on schedules hands-free all day, every day. INCREASE customers and your profits with FREE viral traffic from the BIGGEST social networks. Automate sharing, liking and tweeting with ease to catapult your videos significantly for massive exposure. Every post automatically builds your backlinks so you get on Google’s search engine for even more FREE organic traffic.

100% Hands FREE Operation: Set and forget to instantly leverage PROVEN videos with quotes to sell faster. Get seen by millions of people and send them to any website of your choice. More importantly, others will share too so you can MONETIZE even more as their connections also have the ability to share, like, tweet in 1 click and BOOST your reach, build your reputation and exponentially make you more money. It simply works for you. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, hands-free!

Socifeed OTO – Your Viral Video Engagement System:

AUTOMATED CREATOR: Intelligent, AI-supported video quote creator with texts, footage, logos, links & call to action
DESIGNER-LEVEL VIDEOS: Hands-FREE high-converting videos with quotes with 5,000,000 combinations
SET-N-FORGET: Set-n-forget frequency posting and schedule for hands-free automation
FREE TRAFFIC: FREE organic and viral traffic from search engines and social networks
1–CLICK MASS EXPOSURE: 1 click share to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & LinkedIn for exposure
HANDS-FREE SELLING: Engages emotionally to sell your products and services with ease
UNLIMITED INCOME: Create, manage & grow SCALABLY as many profit-generating income streams as you want
PUBLISH ANYWHERE: Save online or offline and publish your eye-catching, emotionally charged videos with quotes anywhere
IN THE CLOUD: No download or installation. Laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile access

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need WordPress to use Socifeed?
Nope! Socifeed is web-based. You create an account and you can get started immediately online – no installs, no plugins, no waste of time.

Is Socifeed social media friendly?
ABSOLUTELY! Socifeed is Social-media-ready and you can use and apply outputs anywhere on the web. In fact, it’s one of its main features. Connect your accounts easily in seconds and start auto-posting on any channel you desire.

Are there any monthly fees?
No, there aren’t any! You ONLY pay once and never again for unlimited use.

Is there a guarantee?
YES! You are covered by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you face any issue or decide you want a refund, we shall deactivate your account and refund you. Most problems are technical which shall be fixed promptly once queried.

Is it compatible with PC and Mac?
Yes, because you don’t need either! Socifeed is web-based, and works on any system that supports a modern browser. You just create an account and get started immediately online.

Do you have training or support?
Yup! We made detailed walkthrough videos that show you every step of how to get started and you can access them in the members area. If you do get stuck, we also have a friendly support team to help out at minimum notice..