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Stori OTO: All Stori OTO Links Here. There are 6 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st Stori OTO is Bundle, the 2nd is Unlimited, the 3rd OTO is Template club, the 4th OTO is Agency, the 5th OTO is DFY, the 6th is Reseller.

Stori OTO

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OTO 1 – Bundle:

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OTO 2 – Unlimited:

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OTO 3 – Template club:

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OTO 4 – Agency:

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OTO 5 – DFY:

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OTO 6 – Reseller:

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Front End Review & Demo

Stori OTO – What is Stori?

Stori is NO-CODE tool that helps designers, affiliate marketers, ecom owners, brands, local businesses, and just anyone create, design, monetize and distribute engaging web stories without any coding or technical skills. Stori Is the world’s first web story tool that combines the power of AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and Mobile commerce. This means that marketers and ecommerce vendors and owners can now sell and collect payments directly on their web stories through paypal and stripe.

Google now features web stories on the search engines and this is a great way for brands and local businesses to leverage Google search traffic, google images and google discover apps just by telling visual stories. This also means they won’t need to spend so much cost and time on traditional SEO. Pick a template, customise your web story with our super easy to web story builder and publish. In less than 60 seconds you will have a stunning web story that you can sell your products on ready to use. You can add ecommerce stores, polls, quizzes and other engaging and interactive elements to your web stories. Use Stori to create, view and sell unlimited web stories to local businesses.

Stori OTO – Features:

Instant Web Stories: AI-Powered Software Creates Immersive Web Stories In SECONDS
Engage Visitors: Use Images, Videos, Animations & Music & Interactive Quizzes To Keep Your Audience Hooked
Increase Sales: Easily Add CTAs & Links To Sell Your Products From Right Inside Your Web Stories
FREE Traffic: Appear In Google Search & Discover Results As Big, Eye-Catching Images
More Conversions: Use Web Stories As Interactive & Engaging Mobile Landing Pages
Capture New Audience: Put Your Business In Front Of New Audience From US, Brazil & India
Fully Cloud-Based. Nothing To Download Or Install
Beginner Friendly. Zero Learning Curve
BONUS: Commercial License Included. Sell Web Stories For $97-$497

Create Stunning & Immersive Web Stories For Your Business & Your Clients In 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Pick A DFY Template Or Start With A Blank Canvas
Step 2: Add Interactive Elements & CTAs/Buy Links
Step 3: Publish On Any Website Or Share In 1-Click

Stori OTO – Detailed Features:

Create ‘Immersive’ Web Stories & Social Stories:
Now create a highly engaging Web Story that combines videos, text, quizzes, polls, shoppable & actionable elements into an exciting new user experience. Turn any boring website into an engagement & sales powerhouse.

Pick From 50+ Done-For-You Web Stori Design Templates:
Our team of expert designers, marketers & coders have created over 50 templates for you to use. Simply pick any template & create a stunning web story in seconds. These guys normally sell such templates for $49 each. But they have made these 50 templates exclusively for Stori members… which means you can’t get these templates on any other platform.

Run Polls & Quizzes Right Inside Your Web Stories:
Turn your website & social media visitors into customers with stunning quizzes right inside your web stories for instant clicks, shares, leads & sales. The guaranteed way to make a sale is to know exactly what your customers want and what better way to do that than to ask the customers themselves. With Stori… you can gamify & make your web stories interactive in just 1-click.

Built-In Advanced Editing Tools:
We have built Stori from the ground up keeping in mind that users with zero technical skills should be able to use it. With the built-in Stori Editor, everything is point-n-click easy. Crop, rotate, grayscale, flip 90 degrees and a lot more with just a mouse click.

Drag-n-Drop Anything & Everything:
Take customization to a completely new level with the best user experience. Use the freestyle functionality to manage any number of shapes, media, or text layers within your scenes. With Stori… everything is super-easy.

1-Click Publish:
Seamlessly host and play your Google Web Story anywhere you want. Host it on your custom domain, or on our servers. Export it to HTML/ZIP & share it with whoever you want in 1-click. Generate a short link and/or QR code or embed it using a widget on your website or blog. With Stori… everything is possible.

Show Your Web Stories Anywhere & Everywhere:

Export Stori To HTML/ZIP
Send Web Stories Via Email/Messages Using Short Links
Use Custom Domain To Publish Your Web Story
Embed Web Stories On Websites, Blogs Using Widgets
You Can Even Use QR Code To Share Your Web Stories

Stori OTO – Benefits:

Sell Digital Products & Collect Payments From Right Inside Your Web Stories
Pick From Over 100 DFY Web Stori Design Templates
Easily Export/Embed/Share Your Web Stories Using HTML/ZIP, Short Links, Custom Domains, Widgets & even QR Codes
Make Your Web Stories Interactive & Engaging By Adding Polls & Quizzes In 1-Click
1-Click Seamless PayPal & Stripe Integration
Create Engaging Web Stories In SECONDS
Enjoy FREE Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need tech skills to use STORI?
No. STORI is rookie-approved. We have made everything point-n-click AND drag-n-drop simple so that everyone can use STORI with ease.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Absolutely. If you don’t like STORI for whatever reason during the first 30 days after purchase, just contact us for a full refund.

Do I need to install STORI?
No. STORI is fully cloud-based and can be accessed from any web browser.

What makes Stori 2023 unique?
Product Tagging & In-story Checkout. Our product tagging feature allows you to add an external link to your product tags. Sending your visitors to your custom ecom store.
The in-story checkout feature enables you and your customers to collect payments for their products directly inside their web story. This means increased conversion, sales and profits. This has NEVER been done before and We spent over 6 months building out this feature alone. We will be improving the technology month in month out as well.

How Soon Can I See Results?
While we can’t personally guarantee that (we don’t know you or your work ethic), it’s not uncommon to start seeing traction from creating and distributing web stories rather quickly. We’ve seen people make thousands of dollars from selling products on their web stories and also pull massive amounts of views from their web stories to their businesses.

Are there any monthly or hidden fees?
We offer a 30-days refund policy. We do not offer a “no questions asked refund”. All refunds are processed based on our refund policy mentioned at There is no obligation to provide a refund in situations like the following:

⦁ You have changed your mind about a product.
⦁ You bought a product by mistake.
⦁ You do not have sufficient expertise to use the product.
⦁ You ask for goodwill.
⦁ You have a personal emergency.
⦁ Your purchase was an accident.

Also, subscriptions can be canceled any time but are not refundable. Filing a dispute or chargeback will results in no refund and permanent ban.

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