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Vidkreate OTO: All Vidkreate OTO Links Here. There are 6 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st Vidkreate OTO is Bundle Deal, the 2nd is Pro, the 3rd OTO is Marketing Suite, the 4th OTO is Deep Performance & Analytics, the 5th OTO is Agency, the 6th is Reseller.

Vidkreate OTO

All Six Vidkreate OTO Links Below

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Front End:

=>> Vidkreate

OTO 1 – Bundle Deal:

=>> Vidkreate OTO 1

OTO 2 – Pro:

=>> Vidkreate OTO 2

OTO 3 – Marketing Suite:

=>> Vidkreate OTO 3

OTO 4 – Deep Performance & Analytics:

=>> Vidkreate OTO 4

OTO 5 – Agency:

=>> Vidkreate OTO 5

OTO 6 – Reseller:

=>> Vidkreate OTO 6

Front End Review & Demo

Vidkreate OTO – What is Vidkreate?

Vidkreate Is The World’s #1 Video App With ‘Quad-Fusion’ Technology That Lets Anyone Create, Record, Edit, Stream, Host, Enhance, Render, Secure, And Encrypt Video All Under One Roof! Replaces All The Expensive Monthly Subscriptions Like Camtasia, Wistia, StreamYard, Vimeo, And Others Saving You Over $3,500 PER YEAR… While At The Same Time Combining EVERY Video Feature You Need Into One App For A Low One Time Investment.

Vidkreate OTO – Features:

Protects Precious Video Content and Courses From Being Downloaded and Stolen
Create Courses and One Time Videos With Screen Share Built Right Into The App
Create Custom Channels For Multiple Niches You Can Monetize
100% Works In The Cloud – No Downloads Necessary
One Time Investment – No Monthly Subscription
Drag & Drop Multi-Function Timeline Editor Lets You Make Videos Easily and Quickly
Add Existing Videos To Stream or Stream Live
Add Multiple Enhancements To Your Videos To Build Email Lists, Boost Likes, Clicks, Leads, and More!

Vidkreate OTO – This Tool Is So Amazing That It Will Let You:

Fire your screen share recording software
Get rid of your video editors
Protect your content from being downloaded and stolen
Put additions in your videos that lets you generate more traffic, leads, and sales
Stream live or stream existing videos as if they’re live
Host your video content and create channels both private and public
Drag and drop your own media and use text to speech technology to create video fast
And so much more

Vidkreate OTO – Detailed Features:

State of the Art Transcoding/Encoding Video Technology:
Delivers fast results so you don’t have to wait for slow rendering. This also makes working with raw video easily manageable.

50 GB Storage Space:
Gives you way more than enough space for your video creations inside of VidKreate. Others charge monthly for less space, but not us.

4K Quality Rendering:
VidKreate lets anyone create outstanding pristine videos without expensive video software. Make your next video look like it was done by a professional company and impress your viewers at the same time.

DRM Services For 20 Videos:
We’ll give you the option of protecting your most desired videos with digital rights management. Keeps the content thieves from getting hold of your most precious content.

500 GB Bandwidth:
We’ll also give you a ton of bandwidth for all your video viewing and streaming needs. Some companies only give you a certain amount per month, but we’re going to go to another level and give you a ton of bandwidth for a lot of video production!

20 Brand Channels:
You’ll be able to have your own content channels outside of multiple platforms. Use this for your audiences and even to avoid being censored on other networks.

Add Up To 20,000 Videos:
Perfect for even the most aggressive business owner. Gives you tons of hosted space to add all your videos inside of VidKreate without worrying if you’re going over the limit.

Upload/Publish Videos Easily:
No need to jump through a ton of hoops. Simply point, click, add, and you’re done.

The Option To Create Projects:
Have an idea that you’re working on, but need more time to finish? No worries. Save your work inside of VidKreate and pick up where you left off when you log back in.

The Option To Create Playlists:
You can group videos together in a series on your channel right inside of VidKreate. Just another way to organize content easily for your audience without restrictions from other networks.

Embeddable Videos & Playlists On Any Website:
Your content and playlists can go anywhere online that embed codes are accepted. Use this to expand your reach with your content and build a massive audience you can monetize.

Domain Embed Restriction:
Choose which websites you want to feature your content and which ones you want to block.

Seo Friendly Embed Codes:
Get free traffic from Google and other search engines by letting your content be found by targeted visitors.

Password Protection:
Gives you total control over who sees your content. Use this to create exclusive content that you can get paid for and create recurring revenue in the process.

Private Link Sharing:
Allows you to share your videos with only selected parties. Great for extremely private content you don’t want to be made public.

Create Custom Ending Screens:
Add a custom screen to the end of any video you create. By having the option to add up to 4 different elements, you can use them to promote digital or physical products, or even use them to promote other video content on your channel!

Show Related Videos:
Just like YouTube, you can use this option to recommend additional content while keeping viewers engaged with your content.

Full Video Player Customization:
Make each video your own with the option to customize any player you wrap your video in. This includes colors, enhancements, components, and more.

Add Your Own Branding:
Give a boost to your image and business by adding your own logos or watermark to every video you produce inside of VidKreate.

Optimize Videos, Images & Files:
Use VidKreate to make sure that every piece of content is of the highest quality with this option.

Playback Speed Control:
Lets your viewers decide which speeds they want to watch your video at. Having multiple speed control options makes consumers happier having this level of control over watching your content.

Video Schema Implementations:
Get an edge in Google and other search engines by employing schema with your videos. Let search engines know what your videos are trying to convey and gather free search engine traffic in the process.

Visitor Analytics:
Gives you insight into how viewers are interacting with your content. Use this knowledge to know what content to create more of and what kind to stay away from.

Resumable Video Uploads:
Never be frustrated again with video uploads that break. If that should ever happen, VidKreate will pick back up where your previous video upload left off with no headaches.

Video Player Enhancements:
Take more control over how your video players are displayed with viewers of your content. Customization of icons, visibility, player controls and more are available with this option.

Bring Your Own Videos:
You can also add any existing videos you want to VidKreate to create a new version or enhance them with multiple features in the platform. This allows you to breathe new life into old content and make it work to your benefit.

User Profile & Channel:
Every user that signs up with your content will have their own information associated with their profile. This will allow you to control all content associated with the channel. Create tons of on demand content for users and make it the perfect place to build trust and sell in the future.

Import Videos In 1 Click From External Source:
You can even bring videos from cloud hosting services to VidKreate with just a click of your mouse. This includes Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Box, and Instagram.

Full Aws S3 Support:
Even though VidKreate gives you everything you need, we also recognize there are some platforms you may want to use such as S3. So we’ve made integrating your videos easy to use with VidKreate.

Easy To Use Timeline Editor:
No need to export your recorded or existing videos over to another platform. VidKreate gives you a robust timeline editor built right in! Resize, stitch together, or use any of the common features available in other video editors right inside of VidKreate.

Drag And Drop Media Into The Timeline:
Allows you to add videos, images, and audio to your creations and arrange them to create one amazing video in the process.

Stitch Multiple Videos Together And Make One Video:
Using the timeline editor, you can piece together multiple videos, cut, and rearrange to get the perfect video everytime.

Video Trimming Capabilities:
Want to remove a certain part of a video? No problem. It’s as simple as selecting the video, dragging with your mouse, and you can trim the video to your desired point right down to the exact second!

Clip Timestamps:
Gives you the perfect option of outlining your videos so your viewers can jump to certain sections with just a click of the mouse.

Use Video Recordings And Live Options For Streaming:
If you ever decide you want to live stream using VidKreate, you can do that as well. Just a few parameters is all you need to set and you’re ready to stream live in a number of places online. And if you don’t want to do it live? No worries. Just pre-load ANY video you choose, schedule it, and VidKreate will simulate it as a live stream while you sit back and relax…

Record Video, Audio With Screen Share:
Capture any part of your computer screen or your voice perfectly with this option. Great for creating tutorial videos and more without the hefty price tag other apps require.

Record Audio Within The App:
If you want to get right to it in VidKreate and record your thoughts or voice overs, you can do that too. Simply hit record, speak, and VidKreate will process the audio directly in the platform, thus making it ready to create a brand new video from scratch.

Pip Mode Recording:
Make your screen share recordings more personable by having yourself on camera as you record them. VidKreate gives you this option just like other providers do, but without the exorbitant costs.

Hosting Included With Direct Upload To Vidkreate Cloud:
You won’t have to spend a single dime on hosting your videos because we’ll be doing it for you. Our dynamic secure servers will make sure all your videos load lightning fast with encryption that makes Ft. Knox jealous.

Live Transcoding After Recording:
VidKreate will process all of your videos you record faster than you blink. No need for additional third party software. This way you can get in, get done, and get paid quicker than you can imagine.

Millions Of Stock Media Assets:
Even though you’ll be able to do amazing things with VidKreate, you might need that perfect image to push your video over the top. You’ll be able to find access to those images inside our media vault that boasts well over a MILLION images across multiple categories here.

VidKreate Dynamic Music Library:
Videos are great on their own. But having backing tracks can make them even better. With over hundreds of different tracks to choose from across a number of genres, you’ll be able to find the perfect background music for your next video inside our library without ever having to worry about paying royalties to creators.

Text To Speech Technology:
Don’t want to talk on your videos? No problem. Let our VidKreate speech app do it for you. Provide your script, click a button, and VidKreate will create the audio for you in a snap. Use the new audio to create your next video inside of VidKreate.

Thumbnail Creator – Image Editor:
No need to use tools like Canva or even Powerpoint to create amazing thumbnails for your videos. VidKreate comes built in with its own thumbnail designer.

Vidkreate OTO – Benefits:

By combining multiple tools into one simple to use app, VidKreate fuses your video efforts into one cohesive workflow. No need to jump between tabs or wait for resource heavy apps. This means you can cut your workload to shreds and have more time for things you enjoy while letting video do its job for your business.

This is the foundation of everything you do video wise and VidKreate makes this super easy. You can create videos from scratch, audio recordings with the click of a button, and even use the thumbnail designers to build out your channels on various platforms. With this at your fingertips, you’ll become a video creation master in no time!

Once you have your videos created, you’ll need to give them that special polish or shine. You can do all of that directly within VidKreate. There is a timeline editor, background music, images, enhancement additions, and more to give you all that you need to make your final video into a masterpiece!

Now that you’ve got your finished product, you’ll need to cast it to the internet and deploy it for action. Create your own channels, send it to your favorite network, download it, stream it, host it, encrypt it for protection, and even add options that help you boost likes, clicks, and subscribers…just to name a few things you can do.

VidKreate Helps You Get A Six Figure Income In A Number Of Ways:

You Can Re-Invest The Money You’ll Save
By getting access to VidKreate, you already know you’ll be saving thousands of dollars per year. But why not put those funds to good use? Even if those funds generated you 50 new leads per month and you closed a handful of of high ticket sales with those leads, that could easily lead you to an additional six figures in revenue per year.

You Can Create Multiple Private Channels For Recurring Revenue
You’ll receive 20 different brand channels with VidKreate. That means you can use the features built in to create exclusive content that people pay you for. Even with only 100 sales of a $97 membership, you’ll have a six figure income on your hands in no time.

You Can Produce Multiple Courses Quickly For Profit
Because you’ll have everything at your fingertips, you can knock out your video courses on any subject you desire quickly. No need to jump from app to app. You can record, create, edit, and enhance from one simple to use dashboard. This saves you precious time that allows you to gain more market share asap.

You Can Create Value Content Videos For Affiliate Revenue
Affiliate revenue is one of the best models there is. Tons of profit and none of the customer support. Use all the features built in to crank out videos that impress your audience and lead them to purchasing your product recommendations.

You Can Build A Huge Following And Mailing List For Profit
Use all the video tools to tap into the power of engagement on social media and other sites. When you combine this with the enhancements to lock content, share content, and more…you can funnel leads to your pages, profiles, and even mailing list so you can follow up and profit in the immediate and distant future.

You Can Create YouTube Channels For Ad Revenue
YouTube still is one of the best ways to profit ad revenue. With VidKreate you can have your very own video factory machine producing great videos for you quickly. When you add the text to speech option, it’ll make pushing out videos for your channels even easier!

You Can Bundle And Sell Your Video Creations For Profit
There are plenty of entrepreneurs that want to profit from video, but don’t want to do it themselves. You could create video packages and resell them easily with VidKreate. Just a few hundred sales of a $497 license is a six figure income guaranteed.