ViidCloud OTO

ViidCloud OTO: All ViidCloud OTO Links Here. There are 4 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st ViidCloud OTO is Unlimited, the 2nd is Pro, the 3rd OTO is Agency Kit, the 4th OTO is White Label.

ViidCloud OTO

All Four ViidCloud OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:

⇨ ViidCloud

OTO 1 – Unlimited:

⇨ ViidCloud OTO 1

OTO 2 – Pro:

⇨ ViidCloud OTO 2

OTO 3 – Agency Kit:

⇨ ViidCloud OTO 3

OTO 4 – White Label:

⇨ ViidCloud OTO 4

Front End Review


ViidCloud keeps your client’s traffic in house with 100% control of their videos and having ZERO outside commercials or recommendations inside their video.
Create Lightning Fast Videos for the best User Experience in addition to fantastic overlay animations to get the MAX amount of clicks & engagement for your clients.
Capture Leads, ADD CTA’s, Integrate your favorite Autoresponder & so many more Marketing Features to generate more leads & sales.
Turn your clients’ video into an instant GIF, and SOLVE the auto-play issue. 10X the number of views their videos get.
Host Your Clients’ Videos At NO COST with first ever dropbox integration
Nothing to download or install. Fully Cloud Based.
Commercial License Included: ViidCloud has built-in professional Business Landing Pages for Restaurants, Contractors, etc. – that can be sold directly to prospects.

Detailed Features:

Insert Powerful Marketing Tools Within Videos To Drive Up Sales: Call the audience to action by using powerful marketing buttons & tools within the video. Keep them posted about private offers & special promos! Go all out in helping your clients sell their products or affiliate offers across the internet & collect unlimited leads from within their videos!

Stunning Video Lead Page Templates: Our tried & tested templates are created to deliver MAXIMUM engagement & conversions for your clients! Customize these templates to help your clients capture unlimited leads and make sales. Make the BIG BUCKS creating these video landing pages for your clients with our stunning templates.

Animated Video Play Buttons: These animated Video Play buttons are designed to get your clients videos more traffic, more clicks and more conversions. Another add-on that your clients will happily pay extra for…

Create Playlists: Help create playlists that include training videos etc. for your clients. Your clients will be blown away with this never-seen-before feature.

Drag-N-Drop Editor: Our state-of-the-art editor is easy to use & even easier to make profits! Simply drag & drop to edit high converting ad templates without any creative and technical skills!

Easy & Insightful Analytics For Better Results: Precise analytics help you understand what’s working! Increase the ratio of your formula to success as you make marketing campaigns for your clients stronger than ever.

Attractive & Effective: Powerful thumbnails to help you grab the attention of your audience every single time.

Path-Breaking Combination – MP4 + HD: Upload MP4 videos in HD at ultra fast speed on any device at any time with our effective optimization.

SEO Optimization For Higher Rankings: Optimized to give you the best results! Add a Meta title, description, KWs and thumbnail image with ease to rank higher than ever! You also can disallow search engines with No follow or No index settings in a few clicks.

Social Media Friendly Delivering Viral Content: Attract potential customers from across social media! Increase your likes, shares & subscriptions with attractive videos!

Advanced Technology Made Simple: Drag-n-Drop interface – making editing & publishing quick & easy, No technical & creative skills required, Step-By-Step Tutorial to make you an expert within minutes.

Efficient Lead Capturing & Management: Seamless integration with top autoresponders that send leads to your accounts directly! Now manage & reach out to them at your convenience to convert them into customers.

Works In Three Simple Steps:

Step #1: UPLOAD – Upload your clients’ videos at once on your dashboard. Automatic optimization allows for your videos to load faster than ever from any browser or device of their choice.

Step #2: CUSTOMIZE – Customize the video player & add built-in marketing tools within your videos. Add clickable affiliate links, forms & buy buttons inside their video. Pro-tip: Charge your clients EXTRA for each add-on!

Step #3: Host & Monetize – Publish their HD videos within seconds. You can also embed channels and playlists onto any landing page or website. Witness the unstoppable power of videos on profits instantly.


1-Click Publish Client Videos on ANY Website, Landing Page, Online Shop or Membership Site: Embedding your video has never been easier- Simply COPY & PASTE to publish on any webpage – WordPress Site, Landing Pages, Blogs, Lead Pages, Membership Sites, Shopify Store, Sales Pages, Anywhere else you like…

ViidCloud’s Proprietary Video-to-GIF Technology: ViidCloud is the ONLY software that solves the ‘auto-play disabled’ feature introduced by Google and Safari. With just a couple of clicks you can now turn your clients’ videos into a GIF… getting them more clicks, more engagement and more sales. Businesses have been complaining about low conversions ever since the auto-play has been stopped by Google and Safari. But now with ViidCloud’s Video-to-GIF technology you can help your clients explode their conversions. Pro-tip: Make sure you charge extra for this feature. Businesses will happily pay you more for this first-to-market feature.

Your OWN All-in-One Video Hosting & Marketing Agency For Total Market Domination. An All-inclusive Solution: You get everything you need to become a full-fledged video hosting and marketing agency – practically overnight.
Multiple Revenue Streams: You can sell video hosting and marketing services to clients OR even sell video landing pages to businesses
Offer Wide-Range Of Services: HOST, PLAY & MARKET your clients’ HD training & sales videos on any landing page, blog, shopify and membership site for highest lead conversions, sales & profit.
No Technical Skills Or Experience Needed: Done-for-you customizable video templates are included. We also provide detailed, step-by-step training.This is perfect for newbies and experienced marketers!

Limitless Possibilities: Sky’s the limit with ViidCloud. Host & publish unlimited videos to earn exponential profits. Maximise your lead capture from unprecedented traffic on your web page or account. When you buy ViidCloud TODAY at the lowest one-time cost ever, you get a sweet deal! SAVE on hosting using the built-in Amazon s3 & Dropbox integration.

Universal Compatibility & Ultra Light: ViidCloud player can be customized to your brand needs. It is optimized to outperform on all devices & browsers. It is also smartphone friendly as it is mobile responsive.

No Buffering. Only Profits: Every second spent waiting for videos to load & buffer is a second wasted to make profits! ViidCloud’s optimized videos load within seconds even at low internet bandwidth! Now your audience can watch your videos from the remotest towns & buy your products with ease…

No Buyer Traffic Leaks: We care about your business & so we don’t link your traffic to related (your competitors’) videos! Now your audience stays yours forever!

Ad-Free Videos To Skyrocket Engagement: Allow your audience to watch your video without wasting minutes on watching an unrelated “annoying” ad! Skip the skip ad button for good & jump towards profits.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am not tech-friendly, so will I be able to use ViidCloud?
Yes! Absolutely, ViidCloud is 100% newbie friendly. Our drag-n-drop interface allows you to upload and publish effective videos within seconds and NO prior knowledge at all. A few clicks of buttons is all that it takes!

Is ViidCloud compliant with all social network guidelines?
Yes, our software follows all prescribed guidelines and compliances across platforms. We make constant efforts to ensure that we adhere to all the necessary guidelines and regulations. However, we still recommend being careful while selecting the social media network of choice.

Is my investment risk free?
We understand the value of money. Your investment in ViidCloud is supported by our regret-free policy. If you don’t enjoy the experience as much as we do, simply ask for a full refund & we will give it to you without any questions asked.

Is ViidCloud Windows and Mac compatible?
Yes, ViidCloud can be accessed from all browsers, operating systems & devices! Simply log on from anytime anywhere through our cloud-based network.

Do you charge any monthly fees?
We’re unlike the rest of our “competition”. No monthly fees if you buy ViidCloud within the SPECIAL offer period. Now make money without spending all of it!

Will I get any training or support for my questions?
We have designed a step-by-step tutorial for you to become an expert within minutes. All your endeavours are supported by our backend support team at any time of the day!

Do I need to download & install ViidCloud somewhere?
You never have to download ViidCloud or update it ever. Our software is a 100% hosted on the cloud that makes it light on your computer & faster than ever!

How is ViidCloud different from other available tools in the market?
ViidCloud may have a lot of competitors but no real competition. The sophisticated technology is easy to use & FASTER than any other! This results in higher customer engagement and satisfaction to help drive up your sales and profits.

How many Viewers can Watch my Videos?
Unlimited viewers can watch your videos. If your question isn’t here, simply visit our support desk & ask away!