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ClickAd OTO: All ClickAd OTO Links Here. There are 5 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st ClickAd OTO is Unlimited, the 2nd is Bundle, the 3rd OTO is Done-For-You, the 4th OTO is Business, the 5th is VideoReel – Video Ads Edition.

ClickAd OTO

All Five Click Ad OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:

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OTO 1 – Unlimited:

⇨ ClickAd OTO 1

OTO 2 – Bundle:

⇨ ClickAd OTO 2

OTO 3 – Done-For-You:

⇨ ClickAd OTO 3

OTO 4 – Business:

⇨ ClickAd OTO 4

OTO 5 – VideoReel – Video Ads Edition:

⇨ ClickAd OTO 5

Front End Review


Fastest, Easiest & Most Affordable Ad Creation Tool For 2020!
A.I software creates hundreds of winning ads for any niche or offer in seconds!
1-Click publish these ads on Facebook & Google ad manager!
Get fast traffic without SEO, content marketing or social media!
Proven to convert ad formulas – get insane ROI from your ad spend!
Push button ad creation including headlines, body copy and images!
No experience or special skills needed!
One-time investment – no monthly fee!

Detailed Features – Click Ad OTO:

Instantly Create Winning Ads:
Artificial Intelligence Ads Creation Tool creates the headline, body copy, description and even inserts an attention grabbing image into your ad, then publishes it to up to 2 ad platforms, while you sit back and relax!

100 Ad Design Templates & Ad Copies:
Enter a few simple details about your offer and then choose from a library of proven ad templates that will help you stand out, get clicks and drive buyers to your feet like never before!

50 Different Categories & more added:
Select a category that matches your business type and niche, then choose a ready-made ad template that’s proven to convert in your chosen category!

All-In-One Powerful Dashboard:
Create, Run and Manage Google and Facebook Ads all from one simple screen, Create, Manage & Track all ads & audiences from one location, No need to login to multiple accounts and have dozens of browser tabs open at once, Download all your ads creatives and copy – you own everything.

Multiple Social Media integrations:
You can even use your ads as social posts and instantly share them across all your favourite channels, automatically, Promote your page, profile, group or any other social media website, Get FREE traffic without running ads, Double your traffic with FREE and paid posts.

Auto Scheduling & Posting:
True set and forget technology allows you to schedule and auto post your ads in the future. Perfect for product launches, client work or seasonal ad campaigns.

Powerful Ad Editor Tools:
Inline Text Editor – quickly update and tweak ad copy on the fly, Image Editor & Replacement – test different images or add your own for total creative freedom and control.

Enjoy Millions Of Fully Licensed “Ad Creatives” Images:
Why waste time and money searching and buying stock images for each ad and then editing them? ClickAd creates powerful ads in seconds complete with eyeball grabbing images that stop the scroll and get the clicks and customers you deserve! Save $1000’s per month on stock images plus hours of searching for that perfect picture!

Easy Steps:

Step 1: Tell the A.I bot what your niche is, who you’d like to reach and the problem your product or service solves for them. Then hit GO to create your ads…
Step 2: Choose the ad you like the most. Then finalize your settings in one simple screen. No need to login to multiple confusing ad managers.
Step 3: Publish your ad, then watch the traffic and buyers flood in! Check back into your dashboard to manage all your ads in one easy place.


100’s of auto-AI-generated ad creatives templates:
Choose a proven template to create your own ads. Just enter a few simple details about your product or service, pick form auto-designed ad creatives and copy and hit publish. You’re done in seconds!

Built-in A.I ads creation tool:
Push a button and watch this breakthrough A.I technology create 5, 50 or even 100 perfect ads with creatives and ad copy ready to bring you traffic on Google and Facebook right now.

Create, publish & manage all ads from one simple dashboard:
Publish your ads on Facebook and Google from our dashboard in a click. One simple login and beginner-friendly dashboard to launch and manage entire ad campaigns.

Ad Copy & Ad Graphics automatically created for you:
No need to hire copywriters, buy expensive stock images or worry about being creative. Everything is done for you, from headline to description, image to call to action!

Auto-Publish & schedule your ads:
Schedule ads for seasonal holidays or special calendar events. Create entire launch campaigns in advance. Set it and forget it!

Fully editable ad copy & images:
Test different copy, images or ideas on the fly. Tap on any ad to quickly edit, then click to publish across Google and Facebook in seconds or schedule it to auto publish later.

Create hundreds of ad combinations in seconds:
If you’re only creating a few ads for your business, you’re missing the real money. The more ads you can create, the more winning combinations you’ll find!

Proven ad formulas that bring in buyers:
The same formulas used for million dollar ad campaigns, by some of the smartest copywriters and advertising agencies on the planet. Formulas that work in any niche, every time!

Save money:
Forget blowing $1000’s on copywriters, agencies, designers, campaign managers, training guides, courses and pointless tools. This is the fastest, cheapest way to crank out winning ads in seconds!

Make your ads go LIVE from inside the ClickAd dashboard:
No need to log in to multiple dashboards, accounts and browser tabs. Create, publish, edit and monitor all your ads from one simple dashboard. Plus, there’s no need to spend weeks learning how to create the perfect ad, no need to write all your ads from scratch and no need to scour stock websites to buy images.

ClickAd works perfectly on OS, Windows, Android, Apple, Desktop and Mobile – Simple dashboard makes it easy to create ads in seconds even on tiny screens – Create ads wherever and whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this Beginner-friendly?
Yep, it’s perfect for beginners. There’s no creativity needed. No confusing dashboards. No learning curves. It couldn’t be easier.

How does it work?
Simply enter a few details and ClickAd will automatically create an ad for you… including powerful ad copy, headlines, call to actions and insert eye grabbing images! You can choose which style of ad you like best, then publish in seconds.

What about campaign settings?
ClickAd allows you to control who you want to see your ad, your daily budget and all the other stuff you need to run your ad, all from one simple, clutter-free screen!

Does it work on Mac and Windows?
Yep, its cloud based so it works anywhere with an internet connection and looks awesome on all operating systems and screen sizes.

Is there support and training?
ClickAd is so easy, we doubt you’ll need our help. But if you ever do, we’ve got you covered with quick start training and hands-on support!

How is this better than other ad creation tools?
No monthly fees. Way more affordable upfront. Built on what works. Super simple to use. Comes with a huge library of royalty free images worth $1000’s per year (and then some!)

Are you sure this will work for MY niche?
Totally. We’ve got 50 major industry categories to choose from, and ClickAd is programmed to create ads that work across the board. So it doesn’t matter if you’re selling crochet supplies or SaaS accounting tools, ClickAd will save you $1000’s and hours of work creating your next winning ad! If you don’t agree, you’re entitled to a full, immediate refund over the next 14 days.