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Linkable OTO: All Linkable OTO Links Here. There are 5 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st Linkable OTO is Pro, the 2nd is Unlimited, the 3rd OTO is Template Club, the 4th OTO is Business Upgrade, the 5th is AppointOMatic.

Linkable OTO

All Five Linkable OTO Links Below

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Front End:

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Bundle Deal:

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OTO 1 – Pro:

=>> Linkable OTO 1

OTO 2 – Unlimited:

=>> Linkable OTO 2

OTO 3 – Template Club:

=>> Linkable OTO 3

OTO 4 – Business Upgrade:

=>> Linkable OTO 4

OTO 5 – AppointOMatic:

=>> Linkable OTO 5

Front End Review & Demo

Linkable OTO – What Is Linkable?

Linkable Is The First-To-Market Tech That Creates Profit Pulling ‘Micro Sales Funnel Directories’ Without Any Tech Skills That Works For Any Niche!

Linkable OTO – Features:

Stunning Profile Creation For Every Work Profile Is Just Seconds Away!
You Will Finally Start Creating Awesome Profiles For Every Work Profile And Engage Users, Unlike Before.
Got No Prior Tech To Build Pages? No Worries! You Get To Create Multiple Pages Easily!
Finally, Creating Multiple Pages Under Each Built Profile Without Prior Tech Skills Will Be Possible.
Keep As Many Links You Want On Each Page And Finally Let Leads Come Your Way!
Keeping Many Links Under Each Page Is Possible Leading To Better Chances Of Fueling Leads For Your Biz.
No Need To Scratch Your Head How To Create Themes Matching Your Niche! DFY Appealing Themes Comes To Your Rescue!
Done-For-You Themes Suitable For Different Niches Are Waiting For You To Pick As Per Your Preferences.
Incredible DFY Engaging Templates Are Especially Designed For You To Enjoy Quick Traffic!
You Can Instantly Start Using These High-Converting Done-For-You Templates For Bio Link Pages & Mini Web Pages & Get Instant Engagement.
Adding Images Lets Your Users Connect With You Instantly For Quick Engagements!
You Will Be Able To Add Your Own Images Or Choose From Millions Of Them From Online Libraries Integrated Within Our App.
Get a Massive Boost in Engagement with Addition of Video Blocks
Adding Video Blocks In Your Pages Will Be Easier With Links From All Video Platforms Like YouTube, Vimeo & Others. One Of The Best Ways Is To Boost Engagement Using Video Blocks.
Sharing Your Pages And Profiles On Social Media Channels Is Just A Button Away!
You Will Be Able to Share Your Pages & Profiles On All Leading Social Channels With A Push Of A Button. Drive Massive Social Engagement & Social Traffic With This Powerful Feature.
You Don’t Need Any Installs Or Downloads – Linkable Works For You From Anywhere!
This App Is Hosted In Clouds, So Accessing It From Anywhere Won’t Be An Issue. Plus, It Takes Only 3 Steps To Setup Your Profit-Pulling Micro Sales Funnels Directory Pages.

Create Profit Generating Micro Sales Funnel Directories And Monetize Social Media Followers In Just 3-Easy Steps!

STEP-1 – Create A Profile As Per Your Preferences!
STEP-2 – Select A Matching Theme And Template!
STEP-3 – That’s It! Customize As Per Your Requirements And Publish!

Linkable Is Powered By The Groundbreaking MSFD-Tech…And With This Industry-First MSFD-Technology…You Can Create High-Converting Mini Web Pages & Bio Link Pages That Resemble Landing Pages And Sales Funnels…And Using These Makes You Do So Much, Like:

Display Your Product Portfolio to Your Audience.
Drive Visitors To Your Websites.
Promote Your Multiple Social Media Profiles.
Easily Share The Link Of Your Latest Published Blog.
Generate Leads – Setup A Funnel – Create A Landing Page – Add The Link To The Bio – Bingo!
Monetize Your Bio Link And Start Making Money!

Linkable OTO – Detailed Features:

Ability To Create Awesome Profiles:
With Linkable, your users will finally be able to create fantastic profiles for each of their work profiles and impress audiences with content for killer engagements and more.
Ability To Create Pages Under Each Profile:
It will also be possible for your tribe to create so many pages under each created profile even without having any prior tech skills.
Ability To Keep Many Links Under Each Page:
Your clan will also be able to have so many links under each page – the higher is their number of links – the more will they have the opportunity to enjoy more leads and ROI.
Dazzling DFY Themes To Choose From:
DFY themes are already available that your users can choose as per their preferences and niches.
Attention-Grabbing DFY Templates To Begin Instantly:
From Bio links to mini web templates, it will be possible for your users to use any of them and maximize their game.
Ability To Create Templates From Scratch:
Besides being able to choose available DFY templates, you can also start creating a fresh template from scratch as per your needs right inside this excellent app.
Ability To Set Meta And OG Keywords For Your Pages:
You can also set Meta and OG keywords for your pages to see how they display in search and when shared on social media platforms.
Global Appearance Settings Available:
You can decide how your pages appear globally – from themes to background to different patterns and much more; you get to call the shots.
Ability To Add Avatars:
You get to add profiles and customize layouts, profile images, headlines and titles. You will also have the ability to add buttons with full-fledged options.
Ability To Add Banners:
A user will also be able to either upload their own image or pick one of the millions of images available inside and even customize their width, radius, and CTA. This way, they can decide if they open in the same or a different tab.
Ability To Add Different Blocks:
It is also possible to add blocks from avatars to headlines to texts to banners to buttons and links to splitters to forms to media to text and more inside your campaign. Based on the types of blocks you add, it will be possible to redirect users to action as per your wish.
Ability To Customize CTAs:
You will easily be able to customize your CTAs (Anchor Links) and headline, subtext, link, link BG, etc.
Ability To Add Video Blocks:
You can even add video blocks to autoplay and animate videos from YouTube and Vimeo and in formats like Mp4 and Webm. Adding video blocks will lead to many engagements because videos are one of the most consumed content types today.
Ability To Collect Payments From PayPal, Stripe, And Razorpay:
You will be able to collect payments of up to $10K right inside the Linkable app because leading payment integrations like PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay are available.
Ability To Add Headline And Subscribe Blocks:
You can now easily add headline & subscribe blocks to your Linkable Pages. Headline is a fully customizable text with all formatting option. Subscribe is nothing but a form to collect emails leads and directly add it to your Autoresponder.
Ability to Add Image Grid:
With Linkable you will be able to create stunning image grids and images in different multiple columns on your page. You can upload your images from Pixabay, Unsplash, Youzign or even upload from your own computer.
Ability to Add Image carousel:
You can even add Image carousels which is nothing but a collection of images viewed one at a time. Carousels are a popular format of content on social media. You can view the next image by clicking on the arrow.
Ability to Add Social Network icons:
With Linkable in just a click, you can cross promote other social networks by linking your profile pages with social icons and get followers across multiple social networks.
Ability to Add List group:
You can create bullet points with text using this block. The bullets can either be icons or images that you choose. A cool way to add lists to you Bio pages.
Ability to add Media & Text:
While you can add Videos & Images separately, this feature allows you to add Images and text or Video & Text together.
Ability to Add Testimonial:
Testimonials bring credibility to pages. Inside Linkable you can easily add Testimonials with a click of a button and fully customize it with text, image and even alignment.
Ability to Add Splitter:
Linkable gives you options to customize the look and feel of your page by allowing you to add splitters that will separate 2 section. It can be plain or icon based and can be fully customized.
Ability To Add FAQs:
You can easily add frequently asked questions and their answers to convince your users about your offered services or products.
Ability To Add The Timer:
Adding the countdown timer so that you can run special deals up to a specific date and time will be super possible.
Ability to Add Get in Touch via Messaging Apps:
This is an important feature that allows visitors to directly get in touch with you on messaging apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Email, Phone call or even Discord. By clicking on these on your Bio page, users will be able to message you on the respective apps. Great way to generate leads.
Ability To Access Linkable App 2 Ways QR Codes:
You can share your Linkable Bios in the form of QR codes as well. You can print it on your Business card or share it with anyone. While normally, scanning the QR code would lead to your Bio page, you can also set these in a such a way that when someone scans, it will open their text message to send you SMS with prefilled text. Great way to get people into your SMS funnels.
Pixabay And Youzign Integrations Available Inside The App:
Linkable seamlessly integrates with Pixabay and Youzign to empower you to access all high-quality images and other media right inside the module. Hence, you won’t need to sign on Pixabay and Youzign separately and waste your time.
Performance Analytics:
It will be possible for you to know how your campaigns have been performing with data like – total clicks per profile, click-through rate per profile, and clicks on individual links per profile.
Ability To Manually Hide Blocks:
It is up to you to hide any block you don’t want to showcase without permission.
Ability To Customize Your Slug URL:
It will be possible to choose the slug name you wish to keep for your link.

Here’s What You Are Pocketing Today With Linkable!

Linkable App: The Only Solution You Need To Create High-Converting Micro Sales Funnel Directories For Social Media Followers Without Any Tech Skills!
Commercial License: The Magical Element That You Were Missing To Make Money By Offering Social Media Marketing, Lead Garnering And Micro Sales Funnel Directories At Any Price And Enjoy 100% Profits!
Step-By-Step Training Kit: Your Exclusive Training Program Created By Karthik Ramani And Team To Help You Use Linkable Without Facing Any Glitches At All!
Fast-Action Bonuses: Uber Cool Bonuses Worth $10,999 FREE To Maximize Your Biz Efforts, Even More, Using Linkable!


What Is Linkable?
Linkable is an app that lets you create high-converting micro sales funnel directories for social media platforms in only 3 steps, even without having any technical skills.

I Am A Newbie – Can I Use Linkable?
Linkable is an app that lets anyone from a newbie to known influencers and others make the most of it without issues.

What if Linkable Does Not Work For Me?
You can always return Linkable if it does not work for you within 30 days of your purchase for a 100% refund.

Will I Be Able To Access Linkable From Anywhere?
Yes. It is possible to access the Linkable app from anywhere in the world. It is because it is a cloud-hosted solution you can access globally with an active internet connection.

What About Customer Support?
You are going to be taken care by Karthik Ramani’s support desk who have years of experience dealing with customers and providing them with prompt resolutions. You can be assured that you are in good hands!