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MyTrafficJacker Pro OTO: All MyTrafficJacker Pro OTO Links Here. There are 4 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st MyTrafficJacker OTO is Academy, the 2nd is Elite, the 3rd OTO is MyTrafficJacker + SyndLab Pro + SyndBuddy, the 4th OTO is SubJackers.

MyTrafficJacker Pro By Joshua Zamora and OTO Upsell
MyTrafficJacker Pro By Joshua Zamora and OTO Upsell

All Four MyTrafficJacker OTO Links Below

Front End:

⇨ MyTrafficJacker

OTO 1 – MyTrafficJacker Academy:

⇨ MyTrafficJacker OTO 1

OTO 2 – MyTrafficJacker Elite:

⇨ MyTrafficJacker OTO 2

OTO 3 – MyTrafficJacker + SyndLab Pro + SyndBuddy:

⇨ MyTrafficJacker OTO 3

OTO 4 – MyTrafficJacker SubJackers:

⇨ MyTrafficJacker OTO 4

Front End Review


  • Legally Hijack Traffic and Authority From Wikipedia
  • Legally Hijack Traffic and Authority From YouTube
  • Redirect that traffic to ANY offer you’d like immediately
  • Direct-Link and Earn Affiliate Commissions in 24 hours or less
  • Fast, easy and PROVEN method

Unlimited Keyword and Niche Research – Here you’ll be able to search and find an unlimited amount of keywords and niches that you can hijack in. You can input just ONE MAIN keyword, and MyTrafficJacker will INSTANTLY display OTHER related keywords you may not have thought of.

Easily Hijack Traffic And Authority From Wikipedia – Once you know what niche or keyword you want to search for, you’ll be able to instantly set MyTrafficJacker to start looking for available domains for you based on your keyword. Imagine how powerful it’s going to be to pick up domains that still have LIVE links from Wikipedia!

Easily Hijack Traffic And Authority From YouTube – Not only are we integrated with Wikipedia, but we’re also integrated with the 2nd BIGGEST search engine on the internet. With MyTrafficJacker, you’ll be able to INSTANTLY start hijacking other people’s video traffic and redirecting that traffic ANYWHERE you’d like!

Hands-Free Domain Checker – We didn’t want you to have to leave our app for anything, so we built an automatic domain checker right into our hijacking algorithm. With the push of just ONE button, you’ll instantly see what videos or pages have broken links AND know if a domain is available to hijack or not.

Unlimited One-Click Domain Purchasing – Again, this comes down to being as efficient as possible. We integrated with the API’s of BOTH Godaddy and Namecheap so that with just ONE-CLICK available domains get added DIRECTLY to your cart with the push of just ONE-BUTTON! This will ensure you NEVER miss out on an available domain!

Fully Control The Age of the Videos You Want Delivered To You- When using our YouTube hijacker, you’ll be able to search for videos based on when they were uploaded. Most people purchase domains for only a year, so just imagine how many more videos you can find when you go deeper into older videos!

Search By Relevance or by Views – This will let you get even more targeted on the videos you want MyTrafficJacker to deliver to you. You’ll be able to control whether you want videos based on relevance of your keyword or based on number of views.

Add Or Remove Domains To Skip From The Results- The last thing you want is to have MyTrafficJacker display domains that you’ve already hijacked or domains that are not yet available. Here you’ll be able to add or remove domains from the search results to ensure you’re ALWAYS getting unique domains you can hijack.

Ability to Export data in CSV Files- We understand that we will have some power users who prefer to sort through their pot of gold locally. This feature is for you. Here you’ll be able to download any and all results to your local computer and sort through all the data quickly and easily.

And much much more!

Easy Steps:

STEP 1 – Input Your Target Keyword
Our powerful built-in keyword engine, will allow you to turn ONE keyword into DOZENS of keywords that you may not have thought of, so you can NEVER run out of niches and keywords to hijack for.

STEP 2 – Select Whether You Want To HiJack From YouTube Or Wikipedia
This might be a tough choice since they’re both VERY powerful and highly-authoritative site, but it’s as simple as making your choice 🙂

STEP 3 – Hit “Start” And Let MyTrafficJacker Get To Work For You
In this step MyTrafficJacker will start scouring either YouTube or Wikipedia to find available domains that you can immediately register for as little as $10.

STEP 4 – Register the Domains And Redirect
Once you pick up the domains that MyTrafficJacker Finds you’ll be able to IMMEDIATELY redirect that traffic and authority to ANYWHERE you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly Fee?
Not right now. During our charter-members sale, we’re waiving our monthly fee.

Does this require proxies or captchas?
Absolutely NOT. The only thing required on your part is to set up a YouTube API, which we show you EXACTLY how to do – AND it’s 100% free to set up and use.

Is there anything to install?
Absolutely NOT. MyTrafficJacker is 100% web-based. All you need is a web-browser and an internet connection and you’re good to go.

Do you provide training on how to use the platform?
Yes. We have COMPLETE, step-by-step tutorial videos showing you every step of the process.

When will the bonus features be ready?
We are already working on them and they should be ready within 30-45 days from launch.

What are you Upgrades?
Upgrade #1 is our MyTrafficJacker Academy.
Here you’ll be getting MULTIPLE over-the-shoulder case studies of us using MTJ to find, purchase AND monetize campaigns using the domains we find on Wikipedia and YouTube. We’ll even be showing them MULTIPLE ways to profit quickly with MTJ. This will be a one-time payment of just $47.
Upgrade #2 is our MyTrafficJacker Elite
With this package, you’ll be unlocking the FULL power inside of MTJ. You’ll be unlocking our Ocean Search feature which will allow you to take ONE domain and with ONE-CLICK be able to find EVERY SINGLE video that has that domain posted on it. So hijacking ONE video can turn into dozens or even HUNDREDS of videos (literally, we see MASSIVE hijacks like this ALL the time).
You’ll also be unlocking our Domain Reminder feature which will identify domains that are “DEAD” but have NOT YET expired, but as soon as they DO expire, you’ll be notified and be the FIRST in line to pick them up. This will be for $47 per quarter or $37 per month.
Plus, you’ll also unlock our Save Results feature which allows you to save all your best results and allows you to create groups in any niche and build an army of targeted traffic streams
Upgrade #3 is our SyndLab + SyndBuddy combo pack
Here you’ll be getting a VERY special offer to our SyndLab + SyndBuddy syndication platforms which allows you to quickly “boost” up your newly acquired domains with powerful social syndication and social sharing. We’ve NEVER offered a combo deal for BOTH SL and SB like the one you’ll see on this page. This will be at $37/m or $97 one-time
Upgrade #4 is our Unlimited SubJackers Feature
Here you’ll be able to unlock our VA/subaccess feature so your assistants can do all the hijacking of domains FOR you WITHOUT ever compromising your main account. Plus, we’ll be included our UNLIMITED license so you can have as many assistants working for you as you’d like. We could have easily capped it at 2-3 VA licenses.
And that’s it! no other upsell after that and of course, they’re ALL optional!

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