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PursueApp OTO: All PursueApp OTO Links Here. There are 5 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st PursueApp OTO is Pro, the 2nd is Agency, the 3rd OTO is Email Sequence Templates, the 4th OTO is List Janitor Pro, the 5th is Cloud Funnels Pro.

PursueApp OTO

All Five Pursue App OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:

⇨ PursueApp

OTO 1 – Pro:

⇨ PursueApp OTO 1

OTO 2 – Agency:

⇨ PursueApp OTO 2

OTO 3 – Email Sequence Templates:

⇨ PursueApp OTO 3

OTO 4 – List Janitor Pro:

⇨ PursueApp OTO 4

OTO 5 – Cloud Funnels Pro:

⇨ PursueApp OTO 5

Front End Review



Online SAAS works in any location and any device.
GDPR & PECR compliant. Keeps your business safe and secure.
Integrates with any lead source or CRM using Zapier.
Send Cold emails using Gmail, Gsuite, Outlook, Exchange or SMTP
Send emails at time intervals, specific days and events.
Intelligent reporting system tells you exactly what’s working and what’s not.
Filter leads based on whether they opened your emails, clicked on them to find super qualified leads.
Includes comprehensive training to help you make the best use of this app.
Full support for themes in emails. Create your unique look.
Easy to use and newbie friendly.
Full automation for cold emailing campaigns. Set it up once and forget.
Craft perfect customer journeys for your niche and customer type.
Supports multiple campaigns. You can market multiple products or businesses.
Create custom emails to be sent on event triggers like open, clicks, etc.
In-built email verification and cleaning system. Send only to valid leads.
Supports import of leads using CSV files.
Supports export of leads to any CRM using CSV with advanced filtering.
Includes training to help you do cold emailing correctly.
Free one readymade email sequence to help you get started.
Free automatic upgrades for 1-year

Detailed Features:

Personalized cold email campaigns your leads will love: PursueApp helps you create highly personalized cold-email campaigns. Emails that are 100% organic and targeted and make your lead feel that they are written just for them. Create a warm relationship from the first mail.

Custom customer journeys: A cold email campaign aims to nurture a relationship and guide a cold lead into becoming a customer. With PursueApp, you can create custom email journeys for your customers. Giving them exactly the right input to make that sale.

Powerful event and triggers system: PursueApp powerful events system watches how your lead reacts to the email and lets you automate the next step based on everything. Did your lead open the mail? Did they read it? Did they click on any links? How many times did they open your email? Use all of this information and more, to create emails that strike on target and compel your leads to convert.

Works with any lead source: PursueApp can be combined with any CRM, any website, any ad campaign, and even manual entry of leads. No matter how you bring in your cold leads, PursueApp will convert them into warm leads and then convert them.

Automatically verifies leads: In email marketing your reputation depends on the leads you target. Target bad or non-existing leads and your sender reputation goes down. PursueApp lets you verify every lead that comes in and make sure it’s genuine. Increasing your response rate and keeping your sender score high.

Integrates with all mailing systems: PursueApp lets you send your emails with every mailing system including Google Workspaces, GMail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, SMTPs etc. Send your mails with any identity and any mailing system.

Dozen of readymade email themes & templates: Make your emails stand out with PursueApp’s in-built email themes and templates that are suitable for every business niche and every occasion. You can modify the template with our in-built powerful designer and customize it with your own graphics and content.

Readymade mail sequences: Worried about what e-mail content to write in your sequence? Well, don’t! You get a ready-made powerful mail sequence that you can quickly plug in and adapt, making it super easy for you to get started with your own powerful cold email sequence.

Powerful A/B Testing: Make your campaigns better and better with A/B testing. Find out what works best for your leads and improve your cold email sequences to get you the best returns. PursueApp gives you a side-by-side comparison between two emails.

Go to the inbox every time: PursueApp lets you send marketing messages using GSuite and GMail. Combined with the intelligent content system that makes each mail highly unique, you are assured of higher delivery and inboxing of every mail sequence.

Send with multiple IDs: PursueApp lets you use multiple IDs and senders in your mail campaigns. So you can find out which sender works well and then use it.

Tracks Conversions & Sales: PursueApp not only tracks how your leads warm up, it also tracks sales. So if there is any sale from the cold email, you’ll know which lead bought at what level in the sequence. Conversion data will help you make your email sequence bullet-proof.

Complete control over your sequences: Cold email marketing only works when you have granular control over the mails sent to each lead. PursueApp gives you total control. You’ll know which mails each lead gets and how they respond to it. You can also send custom mails to specific leads as well as pause or restart the campaigns to them.

Identify Leads That Are Getting Warm: PursueApp also separately identifies the leads who are responding to you and have been warmed up. You can then feed these leads into your other channels of marketing and get sales everywhere.

Intelligent reports and analytics: Without proper reporting and analytics you will never know what is happening with your leads. PursueApp’s analytics dashboard gives you the complete information about your leads and the results you are getting. With the detailed reporting and analytics you will find it easier to come up with fresh ideas for profits and create a better sales plan.

Multi-Trigger Sequences: Select different mails to send based on intelligent triggers like number of opens, clicks and combinations. With these triggers you can craft 100% unique pathways for your customer, showing them exactly the message they need at every stage.

Analyze individual leads: Analyze individual leads and see how they are responding to your messages. Make your communication as individualized as you want, including creating a custom message for each lead.

Powerful Leadscore systems: Ready to bring your leads to other marketing channels like phone calls? With PursueApp’s lead-score system, you will know how warm each lead is, and you can craft the next level of your marketing better, getting a superior response rate and conversions.

Easy Steps:

Step 1: Set It Up! Create your campaign in PursueApp.
Step 2: Turn it on! Switch on the campaign and let the mails go out.
Step 3: Watch It Rain! Watch the cold leads warm up and embrace your business.


Profitable Cold Email Campaigns: Create highly personalized cold email campaigns that turn leads into buyers.
Complete Automation: Set up your campaign and forget it. PursueApp keeps running and driving sales.
Smart Analytics & Reporting: Powerful analytics system helps you improve your campaign’s effectiveness continuously.
Introduce your product or service to prospects
Set up grounds for personal contact or later outreach
Get your lead to call your business or visit your website
Book appointments or meetings with clients
Generate curiosity that can translate into sales
Start off conversations with target customers
Get your foot in the door before your competitor
Create organic demand for your service
Turn perfect strangers into loyal customers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a special Computer or OS?
No, this is a web app. It will run on Mac, PC, Linux, Chromebook and even your mobile phone.

How many campaigns can I run?
Up to 15 individual campaigns. If you need more, you can upgrade to Pro version later and get unlimited campaigns.

Is cold email marketing legal?
Yes, it’s 100% legal and is allowed under CANSPAM and other international laws that govern email marketing.

How can I bring the leads to PursueApp?
Any way you want. PursueApp connects to thousands of other applications through zapier and also allows imports of leads.

Can I sell this as a service?
Sure! Your commercial license authorizes you to do that.

How many mails can I send in a day?
Up to 2500 mails. If you need more you will be able to upgrade to Pro inside and get unlimited.

Will you give me good support?
Yes. We have 24/7 chat support and we take care of you because you are our business. We only want 100% satisfied customers. If you are not satisfied with our products or services you can use the 30 days refund guarantee.

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