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Rewardsly OTO: All Rewardsly OTO Links Here. There are 6 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st Rewardsly OTO is Platinum, the 2nd is DFY, the 3rd OTO is Agency, the 4th OTO is SkilzApp Special, the 5th is PlayPix Special, the 6th is Bundle.

Rewardsly OTO

All Six Rewardsly OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:

⇨ Rewardsly

OTO 1 – Platinum:

⇨ Rewardsly OTO 1

OTO 2 – DFY:

⇨ Rewardsly OTO 2

OTO 3 – Agency:

⇨ Rewardsly OTO 3

OTO 4 – SkilzApp Special:

⇨ Rewardsly OTO 4

OTO 5 – PlayPix Special:

⇨ Rewardsly OTO 5

OTO 6 – Bundle:

⇨ Rewardsly OTO 6

What Is Rewardsly?

Rewardsly Is A groundbreaking cloud app that creates and sells rewards programs and gift card systems to small businesses online or offline. Now you can run a loyalty program agency hands-free while groundbreaking smart software does the work for you.


Mobile Loyalty Rewards Program Creation Technology:– Auto-create loyalty rewards programs with loyalty points and customized rewards for small businesses that work in-store or online.
Gift Card System Generator: Auto create customized gift cards small businesses can sell in their store or online.
A.I. QR Code Technology: Breakthough QR code techn. captures a customer’s email, sets up their membership, and tracks their rewards points earned just by scanning a smart phone over it.
Gorgeous DFY Templates: Customize gift cards for clients to sell to customers & loyalty rewards images clients see in their mobile rewards dashboard to work toward.
Cloud-Based Mobile Rewards Membership Creation: Loyalty program customers can view points, eligible rewards, and redeem rewards all on their smart phone.
Sell Access to Clients for Any Price: Sell loyalty programs or gift card systems for any price + sell entire access to the Rewardsly app for a monthly fee.
Email Marketing Integration: Automatically send the email addresses of customers the rewards program technology captured to any autoresponder you own to remarket to them.
Payment Processor Integration: Let your small business clients sell the gift cards you create for them through their own personal Stripe, RazorPay, or PayPal account.
And so much more: The first ever all-in-one mobile loyalty rewards program and gift cards creation software for small businesses.

Detailed Features:

With Rewardsly You Can…Way #1. Sell Loyalty Programs with Custom Rewards to Offline or Online Businesses…

STEP 1 – Create Rewards Offers for Your Client’s Store: Create loyalty program rewards customers can get by shopping at the small business on a regular basis. For instance, buy 12 donuts and get the next 1/2 dozen donuts for free. Assign loyalty points a customer will get buying a product at the store and how many points each reward is worth. You can even customize the reward image with DFY beautiful templates to showcase in the client’s mobile rewards membership and more.

STEP 2 – Give Them the A.I. Powered QR Code: Then, generate a smart QR code for each store you’re working with. The QR code can be embedded in websites or printed out to put in the physical store location.

STEP 3 – The Technology Tracks Their Points and Rewards For Them:
When customers hold their phone up to the QR code, the QR code will capture their email, create their loyalty membership, and assign/track their rewards points.

STEP 4 – They Can See How Close They Are to Getting Their Reward:
Clients can then view the rewards points they have accumulated by shopping at the client’s store and see how close they are to achieving a reward in their cloud-based mobile membership. This encourages them to shop there more to get their rewards.

Way #2. Sell Gift-Card Creation Systems to Offline or Online Businesses…

STEP 1 – Create Gift Card Variations in the App: Create multiple tiers of gift cards for any store. Just like Apple has $25, $50, and $100 gift cards for sale, you can create multiple gift cards for different amounts inside Rewardsly.

STEP 2 – Customize it With Different Templates: Rewardsly comes with beautiful DFY templates that are fully customizable in popular niches so your gift card looks professional and fully branded.

STEP 3 – Clients Can Showcase Them on Their Website: Once the gift cards are created, you can showcase them to using a simple link provided in the software. Customers can purchase gift cards for themselves anywhere including their phone or to send to friends as presents.

STEP 4 – Clients Sell Them Through Stripe, Razorpay, or PayPal: Your small business client can integrate their PayPal, Stripe, or RazorPay ID to sell the gift cards right on their website or in their store. They collect the money and can issue refunds adding another revenue stream to their business.

Some Unique Features:

A.I. Rewards Program Technology: Create loyalty rewards programs with smart QR codes. When a customer scans their phone over the QR code, it will capture their email, set up their membership, and track their loyalty points earned. Customers can then view their points and rewards inside their mobile rewards dashboard.
Gift Card System Generator: Create gift cards from tons of DFY templates with different price points local or online businesses can sell and use in their store – payment processor integration included
Create Multiple Rewards Per Store: Create rewards for specific products in your store. For example, get 20 points and redeem for a free coffee, get 30 points and redeem for a free lunch at our store.
Beautiful Rewards Templates: Showcase your rewards the customer can see online or in their mobile rewards membership with these. Rewardsly comes with gorgeous DFY rewards templates that are fully customizable, including colors, images, logos, and more.
Amazing DFY Gift Card Templates: Create gift cards from tons of already DFY templates. These are ‘point-n-click’ easy to edit and allow for different images, logos, text, fonts, and more.
Advanced Loyalty Program Customization: Set specific points to redeem each reward, cookie technology that limits the number of points which are accumulated in a specific time frame, which items generate more reward points than others, and much more.
Gift Card Tier Customization Ability: Create different levels or ‘tiers’ of gift cards available for sale like a $25 card, a $50 card, or even a $100 card, just like the big brands do.
Sell Gift Cards with Payment Processor Integration: Allow the local business to sell their gift cards through Razorpay, PayPal, or Stripe, which they fully manage and control.
Auto Cloud-based Mobile Rewards Membership Creation: Customers can view the points they’ve accumulated, the rewards they are eligible to get and redeem rewards all through their phone. By scanning the store’s smart QR code, Rewardsly creates a custom rewards cloud-based mobile membership that tracks their points for them.
Customer Tracking Dashboard: Keep track of all your customers and see how many points they have and which rewards they qualify for automatically. When a customer asks to redeem their reward, you can double-check in the dashboard to make sure they are eligable.
Email Marketing Integration: Capture email addresses of customers and send them to the auto-responder of your choice. Rewardsly integrates with the most popular autoresponders out there. Plus, customize the emails customers will receive when they redeem rewards, redeem gift cards, sign up for their membership, and more.
Advanced Analytics: See how well your loyalty programs are doing with advanced rewards programs and gift card analytics. Show your clients proof that their monthly loyalty programs are working.


Fully Cloud-Based App: Nothing to download or install. Simply log in from anywhere in the world at any time and start making profits.
Easy-To-Use: Our smart technology does all the hard work for you.
In-App Tutorials: Extremely useful and professional tutorials included for all users.
100% Pandemic Safe: Rewardsly is the only fully no-contact solution for small businesses.
Dedicated 24/7 Support Team: Our expert support team is available invariably to answer any questions
Updated Frequently: Regular updates with new and better features.
Tested & Improved App: Our app has been tested by our beta users and improved for better results.
Intuitive UI: User-friendly yet sophisticated software and easy to use for everyone.
Customize Duration of Rewards: Make sure customers can’t redeem rewards years into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to pay a monthly fee to buy this app?
Rewardsly is available to you for an incredibly low one-time price if you buy NOW. Once the special offer ends, the app will be offered at a monthly fee.

Does this work for Mac and PC?
Yes. Rewardsly is 100% cloud-based so it works with an internet connection on any browser from the device of your choice.

Do I get support and tutorials on how to start?
Our video resources and tutorials make you an expert within minutes. Our team of wizards will always be at your service to guide you and answer any queries that you may have.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee Policy?
Absolutely! Like we said, we are making your purchase extremely risk-free. You bet on us for your success and if you’re not absolutely pleased, simply ask for a full refund within thirty days. We will process it instantly! Don’t let a negative or unmanaged reputation keep you from playing the game! Buy Rewardsly NOW to begin profiting instantly and easily. The offer will vanish as soon as you shut this window.

I’ve never sold anything to a biz owner. Will this work for me?
It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new and never had any experience. When you offer business owners (online and offline) a solution to a real problem they’re having… and it’s more affordable than anything they’ve seen before… and it’s easier and more powerful than anything else on the market, you don’t have to “sell” anything at all. You just show them where to pay! For that reason, I can’t imagine an easier home-based biz than this. You don’t need a website, amazing sales skills or any credentials. The proof is in the product and you’re selling it to them for pennies on the dollar!

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