Lead Buster OTO

Lead Buster OTO: All Lead Buster OTO Links Here. There are 4 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st LeadBuster OTO is BUNDLE, the 2nd is Automation Suite, the 3rd OTO is Creation Suite, the 4th OTO is Connect System.

Lead Buster OTO

All Four Lead Buster OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:

⇨ Lead Buster


⇨ Lead Buster OTO 1

OTO 2 – Automation Suite:

⇨ Lead Buster OTO 2

OTO 3 – Creation Suite:

⇨ Lead Buster OTO 3

OTO 4 – Connect System:

⇨ Lead Buster OTO 4

Front End Review

Lead Buster OTO – What is Lead Buster?

Lead Buster is The Brand New, Smarter Way To Convert, Capture And Remarket To Your Visitors. Bring Your Lead-Capture To Life With Amazing Interactive Lead-Capture Videos – With Mind-Blowing Visuals, Magical Personalization And Stunning Cinematic Effects That Will Drive You More Leads, Sales And Resales – On Your Any Site, Store Or Social Media Platform.

Lead Buster OTO – FEATURES:

No Tech Experience Needed: Works straight out of the box with push button simplicity.
100% Cloud Based: No Software To Install. Access Anywhere. Anytime.
3rd Grade Easy: Make captivating, eye-catching, attention-grabbing interactive video lead-capture forms in just a few clicks.
Get More Leads: Stick it to iOS with interactive video lead capture that converts like gangbusters & captures & retargets to your customers on autopilot.
Take Back Control Of Your Customers: With smart retargeting & Facebook tracking pixels – you’ll never lose a customer or a sale ever again again.
Sell LeadBusters Like Gangbusters! Commercial Licence INCLUDED: Use for yourself AND sell LeadBuster lead-capture videos & lead services onto others for easy profit. (Our users have already made more than $2.5 million!)


CREATE: With LeadBuster You can create unlimited interractive lead-capture videos that get you more leads, sales & cash more often…And They Are Perfect To Use In Facebook Ads (Especially With Our Included Facebook Pixel!). Your possibilities are limitless…and so are your profits.
But here are just a few examples of the life-changing lead capture videos you can create: Promo Videos, Webinar Invites, Case Study Videos, Lead Magnet Unlock, Testimonial Videos, How-To Videos, Explainer Videos, And so much more…All used on any site / landing page / social media platform To Use As Posts, Stand Alone Videos, To Unlock Lead Magnets, Or Use As High-Converting Ads. In Any Niche.

Creating your stunning, professional lead capture videos is so easy. With our easy-to-use, yet fully featured editor – All it takes is a few clicks to make an amazing interactive lead-capture video in minutes. You can start from scratch OR you can start from a thousand different ways with our innovative template generator and high converting presets. Meaning you can always make a totally unique LeadBuster video that perfectly suits your needs. Your lead-capture has never been so powerful.

So let’s look at all those amazing cinematic features you can add to bring life to your lead capture: Add ANY Kind Of Media: (FREE Media Included!)
You can bring any LeadBuster lead-capture video to life with any of your existing media. Add video clips, video backgrounds, images, logos, gifs and so much more to bring your LeadBusters to life with your brand. And if you don’t have your own…Our integration with PixaBay and Pexels means you’ll never have to buy expensive royalty free images or clips ever again. They’re all yours. Ready to go INSIDE your LeadBuster editor. For free.

Exciting Conversion Celebrations: Getting your prospect’s lead is an achievement (made a LOT easier thanks to LeadBuster!) that really should be celebrated. So mark every conversion with a mind-blowing celebration that’s going to leave your new lead with a great impression!

Seamless Transitions: LeadBuster’s pro-grade editor makes it easy as pie to add seamless transitions to your lead capture – that keep your prospect’s eye right on your marketing message.

Beautiful Blends: With a whole artist’s pallet of blending effects, you’ll be able to add cinematic-style effects worthy of a BAFTA. Experiment with light, dissolves, multiply and more.

Oscar-Winning Opacity: Control the opacity of your videos to create stunning effects, and make your text, personalized elements and animations pop. Layer up your videos with slick, sexy and uber-professional transparent effects – zero tech skills needed.

Attention-Grabbing Animations: You don’t have to be Disney or Pixar to add blockbuster animations to your LeadBusters. You can add emotion, energy and excitement with smart animated features added with just a drag and a drop.

Animate Your Text: Once you’ve chosen your perfect font from your bank of 50+ cinematic fonts (selected because they convert REALLY well for lead capture)…Then it’s time to get them moving… with awesome dynamic text animations.

Animate Your Images: Plus with your included a bank of animations normally reserved for the artists at Dreamworks, you’ll find in your artist’s pallet ready to add to your LeadBusters: 100+ Animated Emojis (+100 bonus static ones!), 50+ Animated Flags, 50+ Animated Stickers, All free and ready to bring life to your lead capture!

Size To To Perfection, For Any Platform, For Any Purpose: Be it a portrait video for your Facebook timeline, that “square video” for Instagram, or a whole range of perfect sizes for your Facebook ads – LeadBuster gives you complete control over your canvas size with just a drag and drop. See how easy it is to choose and change your size here: Perfect For Any Occasion: Vertical Videos, Square Videos. Facebook Video Aspect Ratios: Facebook Shared Post Video Landscape Aspect 16:9, Facebook Shared Post Video Portrait Aspect 9:16, Facebook Ads Video Aspect Ratios: Desktop News Feed Link Video Aspect 16:9 (landscape) or 1:1 (square), Carousel Video Aspect 1:1 (square), Collection Video (Mobile) Aspect 16:9 (landscape) or 1:1 (square), Canvas Video: In News Feed (Mobile) Aspect 16:9 (landscape) or 1:1 (square), Autoplay Video Within Canvas Ad (Mobile) Aspect 16:9 (landscape) or 1:1 (square), Slideshow Video Aspect 16:9 (landscape) or 9:16 (portrait*).

CAPTURE: LeadBuster Keeps Your Leads Coming In And Your Retargeting Going…No Matter What iOS Or Facebook Do! Giving You Back Control Of Your Customers – And Your Profits. LeadBuster adds a Facebook tracking pixel to anyone who views your LeadBuster videos…And with 5 points of data collection – You’ll never have to worry about iOS screwing up your profits ever again

Revived Retargeting: With Custom Audiences – LeadBuster uses its expert tracking to bring paying customers back to your offers and sites & automatically segments them for maximum conversions based on whether they: Signed Up, Abandoned Their Cart, Left Without Signing Up, Bought Something, Looked At A Particular Page Or Product.

Get Highly Targeted Leads: With Lookalike Audiences: LeadBuster uses its clever lookalike scanner to bring you a whole new world of highly-targeted potential customers based on: Similar Interests / Age / Location / Buying Habits and so much more.

Hands Free & Recurring Profits With Access To Thousands Of Automated Webhook Options: Bring the power of automation to your campaigns with thousands of integrated webhook options. Easily configure both email automation & SMS automation for hands free and recurring profits.

Money Loves Speed: Your Lead Becomes Your Customer Instantly With Automatic Lead Downloads: The quicker you ‘own’ your lead, the quicker you can make money from them. LeadBuster empowers you to instantly download new leads and upload them to your ESP or SMS marketing software – without any effort or time from you. So you can spend your time selling and building relationships.

Stay Compliant & Make Sure There’s No Nasty Legal Surprises: Easily stay GDPR compliant with present statements and privacy rules – as well as double opt-in options that keep you in the right and your customers happy & confident to sign up.

It’s Time To Celebrate! You’ve Got A New Lead…And Another And Another… 🙂 We know getting a new lead means $$$. So get a dopamine inducing notification the very instant that someone new signs up to your list!

CONVERT: Grab your viewers attention and give every visitor their own peronal ‘WOW Moment’ by automatically making your Lead Buster videos personally speak to them as you capture their details… There is no other video lead-capture software on the planet which includes personalization as standard. Once your viewers have entered their details – as well as seeing a stunning celebration, you can continue your lead-capture video with an entirely personalized experience…LeadBuster’s smart technology will automatically and magically show your every viewer the next bit of your video as if it’s exclusively, personally for them. And all it takes is a few tags added onto your LeadBuster videos and they will show the name, location, and email of your viewer in your marketing message. So whether you’re thanking them for signing up, or showing them an exclusive offer with a personal call to action…They’re guaranteed to convert like gangbusters.

CASH IN: Profit From: Tons More Leads For Your Own Businesses: With the ability to double your opt-in conversions and a thousands of different ways to make your lead capture stand out – and well, capture more leads. And with retargeting back on the table, you’ll be building your list with targeted leads and buyers – that put more money in your pocket, more often.

Profit By: Selling Unlimited LeadBuster LeadCapture Videos To Paying Clients: The second your prospects experience the magic of LeadBuster for themselves and see the results it’ll get them – they’ll be clamouring over themselves to give you $100, $250 or $500 to get that for themselves. With this brand-new first to market technology, you’ll be one of the first to pocket pure profit from selling lead-getting videos to needy marketers. And there has never been a better time – because everyone else has been hit by this iOS change too – So whether you add this service to your existing agency, or use LeadBusters to make your first $100 online, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Profit By: Selling High-Value Leads & Regular Lead Services To Paying Clients: You already know that leads are a seriously high value commodity. With LeadBuster, you’ll have the opportunity to get instant and recurring profits as you easily generate more leads than ever before. You can sell these on: Per Lead (For Instant Cash), In Bunches Of Niche Leads (For Big Bucks), As A Regular Lead Providing Services (For Recurring Profits), (Remember, different niches command a higher value than others – so we’re going to help you with your included training to hit the highest paying niches right away).

Lead Buster OTO – BENEFITS:

You will make stunning, high-converting, interactive lead capture videos capable of doubling your conversions in just a few clicks. LeadBuster’s stunning lead-capture videos jump out of the screen, wow your viewers, make them HAPPILY hand over their details and make boring, unsuccessful lead capture a thing of the past.
And it’s fast & EASY. Using our LeadBuster Creation Studio, all it takes is a drag, drop, point n’ click and boom! You’re done. An incomparable engagement-attracting, lead-getting video, quicker than you can say ACTION! No tech skills or previous experience required.
Automatically segment your leads into smart, personalized campaigns for both email and sms that will make you money from sales and RESALES. Giving you back control of your own customers and enabling effective retargeting – unaffected by the plans of iOS or facebook…
Build your list on the go! You can create LeadBuster videos anywhere! At home, in the garden, on the beach…As long as you have an internet connection, you’re all good. So build your list, make more sales and RESALES – all whilst topping up your tan. Just be careful not to drop your laptop in the water!
Everyone needs better lead capture and with the revenue-sucking changes made to iOS tracking – all marketers NEED new ways of getting leads and keeping their sales and retargeting going! And with your included UNLIMITED commercial license – Whether it’s LeadBuster videos or lead services – YOU will be the one to pocket the cash by selling them exactly what they need.
You will be able to sell directly to clients, as well as on Fiverr, Freelancer and more. But the best bit is, with the first to market innovations of LeadBuster – You definitely won’t be charging just a ‘fiver’ for them. Just like the $2.5 million+ in profit our existing VideoRemix users have made before you.


Am I Really Losing So Many Customers With This iOS Change?
Your customers and potential customers ARE using Apple devices. There’s more than 1.65 BILLION active apple devices in use. (The Verge). And the average US household owns more than 2.6 apple devices. (CNBC) So even if YOU don’t use an apple device – the majority of your customers DO.

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